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The Marriage Pact

Michelle Richmond

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The USA Today bestselling author of The Sister delivers a suspenseful novel "packed full of secrets and twists" as grieving mother and daughter become ensnared by a cult-like community where leaving isn't an option (Alice Feeney, New York Times bests... View details

It all unfolds with cinematic clarity: the gunshot, the scream. Every detail sharp and clear. Time slows as her eyes plead with me to help her. In my mind I bundle her behind me, shielding her body wi...
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"Riveting, suspenseful . . . Achieves a unique harmony between otherworldly beliefs and earthly realities." - San Francisco Chronicle Francine and Colville were childhood friends raised in the Church Universal and Triumphant, a religion that predicte... View details

What a way to be thinking, to catch oneself thinking. Wells Davidson stumbled on a clump of brush; the smell of sage rose into the cold, dry air. The sky above was the palest blue. Small airplanes cri...
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A haunting, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller about a woman who has been institutionalized for a heinous crime, and the psychiatrist assigned to her case who must uncover the truth beneath the... View details

I am looking out of the window at the naked, groaning tree and am taken by surprise, once again, by the state I find myself in. It is as if I have been misplaced; I’ve no idea where I’ve gone. Even my...
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A Richard & Judy Summer Book Club pick

A whirlwind romance. A perfect marriage.

Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness. Until the day her husband fails to come home . . .

And can you ever really know what happened before you met?... View details

The rain was beating down, and out here, where the carriageway was exposed, the wind buffeted Hannah’s old VW as if it were trying to push it off the road. Usually on a Heathrow run she watched the pl...
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A young lawyer's outwardly perfect life spirals out of control as she takes on her first murder case in this "dark, original and utterly compelling" domestic noir for readers of Paula Hawkins, A.J. Finn, or Shari Lapena. (Lisa Jewell, New York Times ... View details

The October sky lies gray above me and my wheelie bag’s heavy but I wait for the bus and count my blessings. The trial is finished, kicked out at halftime after a legal argument on the basis of insuff...
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An indelible portrait of girls, the women they become, and that moment in life when everything can go horribly wrong


The Washington Post ... View details

Cha ching, the slot machine in Connie’s garage went, like a cartoon, Peter’s features soaked in its rosy glow. He was eighteen, Connie’s older brother, and his forearms were the color of toast. His fr...
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The USA Today bestseller

A Wall Street Journal Best Science Fiction Book of 2018

"Just try to put this gripping thriller down once you pick it up." - AARP ... View details

The shirtless man had cropped, light-brown hair, and posed on a beach with his legs spread apart with the top half of his wetsuit rolled down to his waist. His eyes were the clearest shade of blue. Hi...
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