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In "Babel-17," Rydra Wong, a poet and code expert, must break an enemy government's code, but discovers that the code is really a supersophisticated language, while in "Empire Star," a simple-minded teenager is entrusted to carry a vital message to a... Read more about Babel-17

Here fumes rust the sky, the General thought. Industrial gases flushed the evening with oranges, salmons, purples with too much red. West, ascending and descending transports, shuttling cargoes to ste...


The Einstein Intersection won the Nebula Award for best science fiction novel of 1967. The surface story tells of the problems a member of an alien race, Lo Lobey, has assimilating the mythology of earth, where his kind have settled among the leftove... Read more about The Einstein Intersection

There is a hollow, holey cylinder running from hilt to point in my machete. When I blow across the mouthpiece in the handle, I make music with my blade. When all the holes are covered, the sound is sa...


Creative Education's short story collections are ideal introductions to some of the world's best-known authors. the short, timeless classics of Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, Ray Bradbury, and others are celebrated in these handsome volumes.... Read more about The Veldt


What do readers say about Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand?

beautifully drawn prosequite a longhalf of a diptychlush and intense description

The story of a truly galactic civilization with over 6,000 inhabited worlds.

Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand is a science fiction masterpiece, an essay on the inexplicability of sexual attractiveness, and an examination of interstellar politi... Read more about Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand

His big-pored forehead wrinkled, his heavy lips opened (the flesh around his green, green eyes stayed exactly the same), the ideogram of incomprehension among whose radicals you could read ignorance’s...


Empire Star is a 1966 science fiction novella by Samuel R. Delany. It is often published together with another book, most frequently with The Ballad of Beta-2.

Delany hoped to have it first published as part of an Ace Double with Babel-17, but instea... Read more about Empire Star

brass claws on his left hand with which he had killed, to date, three wild kepards that had crept through a break in the power fence during his watch at New Cycle (and in a fight once with Billy James...


In one of the most profound and bestselling science fiction novels of all time, Samuel R. Delany has produced a novel "to stand with the best American fiction of the 1970s" (Jonathan Lethem).

Bellona is a city at the dead center of the United States... Read more about Dhalgren

Beginning in this tone, for us, is a little odd, but such news stands out, to your editor's mind, as the impressive occurrence in our eccentric history. Ernest Newboy, the most notable English-languag...


Among the best-written and most emotionally complex stories of the Pulp Era, the tales of intergalactic bootlegger Northwest Smith still resonate strongly more than 75 years after their first publication.

From the crumbling temples of forgotten gods ... Read more about Northwest of Earth

MAN HAS CONQUERED Space before. You may be sure of that. Somewhere beyond the Egyptians, in that dimness out of which come echoes of half-mythical names—Atlantis, Mu—somewhere back of history’s first ...


What do readers say about Northwest Smith?

as sensual and eroticlimited hardcoverone of my favorite covers

Meet the iconic space outlaw who “could be Han Solo’s grandfather,” in these stories by a pioneer of Golden Age science fiction (SF Signal). First published in Weird Tales in the early 1930s, C.L. Moore’s Northwest Smith stories, especially “Shamblea... Read more about Northwest Smith

Northwest Smith bought the shawl in the Lakkmanda Markets of Mars. It was one of his chiefest joys to wander through the stalls and stands of that greatest of market-places whose wares are drawn from ...


What do readers say about Trouble on Triton?

a sort of transgender response

Interplanetary war, capture and escape, diplomatic intrigues that topple worlds.

In a story as exciting as any science fiction adventure written, Samuel R. Delany's 1976 SF novel, originally published as Triton, takes us on a tour of a utopian socie... Read more about Trouble on Triton

He had been living at the men’s co-op (Serpent’s House) six months now. This one had been working out well. So, at four o’clock, as he strolled from the hegemony lobby onto the crowded Plaza of Light ...


A Hugo Award Finalist: Humanity struggles to understand a killing labyrinth discovered on the Moon in this science fiction adventure about death and rebirth Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author Robert Silverberg credits Rogue Moon with containing “th... Read more about Rogue Moon

Edward Hawks, Doctor of Science, cradled his long jaw in his outsize hands and hunched forward with his sharp elbows on the desk. He was a black-haired, pale-skinned, gangling man who rarely got out i...

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