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With this extraordinary first volume in an epoch-making masterpiece, Neal Stephenson hacks into the secret histories of nations and the private obsessions of men, decrypting with dazzling virtuosity the forces that shaped this century.

In 1942, Lawr... View details

Let’s set the existence-of-God issue aside for a later volume, and just stipulate that in some way, self-replicating organisms came into existence on this planet and immediately began trying to get ri...
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A #1 New York Times Bestseller, Anathem is perhaps the most brilliant literary invention to date from the incomparable Neal Stephenson, who rocked the world with Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, and The Baroque Cycle. Now he imagines an alternate universe ... View details

Ita:(1) In late Praxic Orth, an acronym (therefore, in ancient texts sometimes written ITA) whose precise etymology is a casualty of the loss of shoddily preserved information that will forever enshro...
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One of Time's 100 best English-language novels

A mind-altering romp through a future America so bizarre, so outrageous, you'll recognize it immediately

Only once in a great while does a writer come along who defies comparison-a writer so original ... View details

virus… [L. virus slimy liquid, poison, offensive odour or taste.] 1. Venom, such as is emitted by a poisonous animal. 2. Path. a. A morbid principle or poisonous substance produced in the body as the ...
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In which Daniel Waterhouse, fearless thinker and courageous Puritan, pursues knowledge in the company of the greatest minds of Baroque-era Europe - in a chaotic world where reason wars with the bloody ambitions of the mighty, and where catastrophe, n... View details

ENOCH ROUNDS THE CORNER JUST as the executioner raises the noose above the woman’s head. The crowd on the Common stop praying and sobbing for just as long as Jack Ketch stands there, elbows locked, fo...
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Vividly imagined, stunningly prophetic, and epic in scope, The Diamond Age is a major novel from one of the most visionary writers of our time

Decades into our future, a stone's throw from the ancient city of Shanghai, a brilliant nanotechnologist na... View details

The bells of St. Mark's were ringing changes up on the mountain when Bud skated over to the mod parlor to upgrade his skull gun. Bud had a nice new pair of blades with a top speed of anywhere from a h...
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The second novel from the "hottest science fiction writer in America" (Details), and New York Times bestselling author of the Baroque Cycle and Snow Crash, now available from Grove Press.

Sangamon Taylor is a New Age Sam Spade who sports a wet suit i... View details

Wyman called. Wyman, the Scourge of Cars. He wanted the keys to the Omni so that he could drive to Erie, Pennsylvania to see his girlfriend, who was about to leave for Nicaragua. For God’s sake, she c...
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New York Times Bestseller!

From Neal Stephenson - who coined the term "metaverse" in his 1992 novel Snow Crash - comes a sweeping, prescient new thriller that transports readers to a near-future world in which the greenhouse effect has inexorably re... View details

Houston’s air was too hot to support airplanes. Oh, the queen’s jet could have landed there, given that, during the flight from Schiphol, it had converted ten thousand kilograms of fuel into carbon di...
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Goodreads Choice Awards Semifinalist!

B & N Editor's Pick - Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2017

From bestselling author Neal Stephenson and critically acclaimed novelist Nicole Galland comes a captivating and compl... View details

I MET TRISTAN LYONS IN the hallway outside the faculty offices of the Department of Ancient and Classical Linguistics at Harvard University. I was a lecturer, which means that I was given the most unp...
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New York Times Bestseller

A New York Times Notable Book

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Seveneves, Anathem, Reamde, and Cryptonomicon returns with a wildly inventive and entertaining science fiction thriller-Paradise Lost by way of Phil... View details

Dodge became conscious. His phone was burbling on the bedside table. Without opening his eyes he found it with his hand, jerked it free of its charging cord, and drew it into bed with him. He tapped i...
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Seven years in the making, Sacred Games is an epic of exceptional richness and power. Vikram Chandra's novel draws the reader deep into the life of detective Sartaj Singh - and into the criminal underworld of Ganesh Gaitonde, the most wanted gangster... View details

A white Pomeranian named Fluffy flew out of a fifth-floor window in Panna, which was a brand-new building with the painter’s scaffolding still around it. Fluffy screamed in her little lap-dog voice al...
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