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Straight Man

Richard Russo

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This slyly funny, moving novel about a blue-collar town in upstate New York-and in the life of Sully, of one of its unluckiest citizens, who has been doing the wrong thing triumphantly for fifty years-is a classic American story.

Divorced from his o... More details on Nobody's Fool

Upper Main Street in the village of North Bath, just above the town’s two-block-long business district, was quietly residential for three more blocks, then became even more quietly rural along old Rou...
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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

"Russo writes with a warm, vibrant humanity…. A stirring mix of poignancy, drama and comedy." -The Washington Post

Welcome to Empire Falls, a blue-collar town full of abandoned mills whose citizens surround themselves wit... More details on Empire Falls

THE EMPIRE GRILL was long and low-slung, with windows that ran its entire length, and since the building next door, a Rexall drugstore, had been condemned and razed, it was now possible to sit at the ...
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"The sustained comedy in this hilarious novel is equaled only by its heart, and the myriad ways there are for it to break. I love this book. Michael Poore writes like an angel."

-Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish

John Scratch, the Devil himself, is... More details on Up Jumps the Devil

The guests were always different, and always kind of the same. They might be rich or poor. They were always surprised by the lights and cameras. They always seemed a little scared of John Scratch, who...
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"The Family Fang is a comedy, a tragedy, and a tour-de-force examination of what it means to make art and survive your family….The best singl... More details on The Family Fang

Buster was standing in a field in Nebraska, the air so cold the beers he was drinking were freezing as he held them. He was surrounded by former soldiers, a year returned from Iraq, young and strangel...
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Euphoric State University with its whitestone, sun-drenched campus and England's damp red-brick University of Rummidge have an annual professorial exchange scheme, and as the first day of the last year of the tumultuous sixties dawns, Philip Swallow ... More details on Changing Places

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A Best Book of the Year: NPR and Boston Globe

Finally a novel that puts the "pissed" back into "epistolary."

Jason Fitger is a beleaguered professor of creative writing and literature at Payne University, a small and not very distinguished liberal ... More details on Dear Committee Members

The purpose of this letter is to bolster the promotion and tenure case of Professor Martina Ali here at our esteemed institution of higher learning. I am not a member of Professor Ali’s Film Studies P...
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A hilarious satire about college life and high class manners, this is a classic of postwar English literature.

Regarded by many as the finest, and funniest, comic novel of the twentieth century, Lucky Jim remains as trenchant, withering, and eloquent... More details on Lucky Jim

“THEY made a silly mistake, though,” the Professor of History said, and his smile, as Dixon watched, gradually sank beneath the surface of his features at the memory. “After the interval we did a litt...
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"[A] wise, wildly funny story . . . Chabon is a flat-out wonderful writer- evocative and inventive, pointed and poignant."

-Chicago Tribune

"Whether making us laugh or making us feel the breathtaking impermanence of things, Michael Chabon keeps us ... More details on Wonder Boys

THE FIRST REAL WRITER I ever knew was a man who did all of his work under the name of August Van Zorn. He lived at the McClelland Hotel, which my grandmother owned, in the uppermost room of its turret...
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Now a Major Motion Picture Starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges, directed by Azazael Jacobs

A Recommended Read from:

Vanity Fair * Entertainment Weekly * Vulture * The Millions * Publishers Weekly * Esquire

From bestselling author Patrick d... More details on French Exit

She was a moneyed, striking woman of sixty-five years, easing her hands into black calfskin gloves on the steps of a brownstone in New York City’s Upper East Side. Her son, Malcolm, thirty-two, stood ...
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In this darkly satirical send-up of academia and the Midwest, we are introduced to Moo University, a distinguished institution devoted to the study of agriculture. Amid cow pastures and waving fields of grain, Moo's campus churns with devious plots, ... More details on Moo

FROM THE OUTSIDE it was clear that the building known generally as “Old Meats” had eased under the hegemony of the horticulture department. Its southern approach, once a featureless slope of green law...
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