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"No amount of mere description can convey more than a fraction of Lord Dunsany's pervasive charm."-H.P. Lovecraft

With an introduction by Neil Gaiman

The poetic style and sweeping grandeur of The King of Elfland's Daughter has made it one of the most... View details

In their ruddy jackets of leather that reached to their knees the men of Erl appeared before their lord, the stately white-haired man in his long red room. He leaned in his carven chair and heard thei...
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John Crowley's masterful Little, Big is the epic story of Smoky Barnable, an anonymous young man who travels by foot from the City to a place called Edgewood-not found on any map-to marry Daily Alice Drinkawater, as was prophesied. It is the story of... View details

A little later, remembering man's earthly origin, 'dust thou art and to dust thou shalt return,' they liked to fancy themselves bubbles of earth. When alone in the fields, with no one to see them, the...
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Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women was the first work of fiction by MacDonald. Phantastes exerted a strong influence on fantasy authors of later generations: for example, C. S. Lewis claimed that his imagination had been baptized by readi... View details

I A spirit … ⋮ The undulating woods, and silent well, And rippling rivulet, and evening gloom, Now deepening the dark shades, for speech assuming, Held commune with him; as if he and it Were all that ...
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The Gods of Pegāna is the first book by Anglo-Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, published on a commission basis in 1905. The book was reviewed favourably but as an unusual piece. The book is a series of short stories linked by Dunsany's invented pan... View details

Roon met the Worlds all in the morning of Things, before there was light upon Pegāna, and Roon danced before them in the Void, since when they are never still, Roon sendeth all streams to the Sea, and...
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As the first novel opens, Titus, heir to Lord Sepulchrave, has just been born: he stands to inherit the miles of rambling stone and mortar that stand for Gormenghast Castle. Inside, all events are predetermined by a complex ritual, lost in history, u... View details

Every morning of the year, between the hours of nine and ten, he may be found, seated in the Stone Hall, it is there, at the long table that he takes his breakfast. The table is raised upon a dais, an...
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At the last fair of the season, the toymaker Torin proposes to the beautiful sorceress Sharys, and watches his world shatter. Sharys refuses his marriage token because she has just accepted the proposal of his best friend, the adventurer Valdart. Tor... View details

Torin’s brother Talmar was probably dying. Beautiful Sharys planned to accept a marriage toy from Valdart instead of Torin. The toy involved, a rare pendant from beyond the western ocean, had either d...
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Princess Irene lives in a castle in a wild and lonely mountainous region. One day she discovers a steep and winding stairway leading to a bewildering labyrinth of unused passages with closed doors - and a further stairway. What lies at the top? Can t... View details

When she came to the top, she found herself in a little square place, with three doors, two opposite each other, and one opposite the top of the stair. She stood for a moment, without an idea in her l...
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It's a dreamy midsummer's night in the Kingdom of Lancre. But music and romance aren't the only things filling the air. Magic and mischief are afoot, threatening to spoil the royal wedding of King Verence and his favorite witch, Magrat Garlick. Invad... View details

There are very few starts. Oh, some things seem to be beginnings. The curtain goes up, the first pawn moves, the first shot is fired*—but that’s not the start. The play, the game, the war is just a li...
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In the Hugo-award winning, epic New York Times Bestseller and basis for the BBC miniseries, two men change England's history when they bring magic back into the world.

In the midst of the Napoleonic Wars in 1806, most people believe magic to have lo... View details

They were gentleman-magicians, which is to say they had never harmed any one by magic – nor ever done any one the slightest good. In fact, to own the truth, not one of these magicians had ever cast th...
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