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Under the Tuscan Sun

Frances Mayes

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They had been there often as tourists. They had cherished the dream of someday living all year under the Provencal sun. And suddenly it happened.

Here is the month-by-month account of the charms and frustrations that Peter Mayle and his wife - and t... Read more about A Year in Provence

We have always found that New Year's Eve, with its eleventh-hour excesses and doomed resolutions, is a dismal occasion for all the forced jollity and midnight toasts and kisses. And so, when we heard ...


A transformational journey through Italy, India, and Bali searching for pleasure and devotion-the massive bestseller from the author of Big Magic and City of Girls.

This beautifully written, heartfelt memoir touched a nerve among both readers and re... Read more about Eat Pray Love

Oh, but there are so many reasons why this would be a terrible idea. To begin with, Giovanni is ten years younger than I am, and—like most Italian guys in their twenties—he still lives with his mother...


An indispensable, richly informative, and always entertaining sourcebook on Provence by the writer who has made the region his own.

Though organized from A to Z, this is hardly a conventional work of reference. It is rather a selection of those asp... Read more about Provence A-Z

It all started in 1516, when King François I had just defeated the troops of the Duke of Milan at Marignan. Looking around for some rest and recreation after the battle, as conquerors do, he decided t...


Even before it was adapted into the Oscar-nominated film starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, Joanne Harris' New York Times bestselling novel Chocolat entranced readers with its mix of hedonism, whimsy, and, of course, chocolate.

In tiny Lansqu... Read more about Chocolat


What do readers say about My Life in France?

low-keyed tonejoyful memoirfirst personconversational style

The bestselling story of Julia's years in France in her own words-"A delight" (The New York Times)

Although she would later singlehandedly create a new approach to American cuisine with her cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking and her televi... Read more about My Life in France

AT FIVE-FORTY-FIVE in the morning, Paul and I rousted ourselves from our warm bunk and peered out of the small porthole in our cabin aboard the SS America. Neither of us had slept very well that night...


Susan Loomis arrived in Paris twenty years ago with little more than a student loan and the contents of a suitcase to sustain her. But what began then as an apprenticeship at La Varenne École de Cuisine evolved into a lifelong immersion in French cui... Read more about On Rue Tatin

THE STORY OF OUR ADVENTURE, our move to Rue Tatin, began some thirteen years earlier, when I first went to live in Paris. Of course back then I had no idea that I would fall hopelessly in love with Mi...


A captivating novel of Renaissance Italy detailing the mysterious life of Bartolomeo Scappi, the legendary chef to several popes and author of one of the bestselling cookbooks of all time, and the nephew who sets out to discover his late uncle's secr... Read more about The Chef's Secret

Word traveled fast at the Vaticano, even during the darkness of night. Within an hour of Bartolomeo Scappi’s passing, serving women from all over the palazzo had come to the chef’s bedside, crying for...


Elizabeth von Arnim's novel tells the story of four dissimilar women in 1920s England who leave their damp and rainy environs to go on a holiday to a secluded coastal castle in Italy. Mrs. Arbuthnot and Mrs. Wilkins, who belong to the same ladies' cl... Read more about The Enchanted April

IT BEGAN in a woman’s club in London on a February afternoon—an uncomfortable club, and a miserable afternoon—when Mrs. Wilkins, who had come down from Hampstead to shop and had lunched at her club, t...


What do readers say about Just Curious?


New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an eBook. In the snow-covered hills of Virginia, a young widow finds that miracles really do come in the least expected packages.

First appearing as a sh... Read more about Just Curious


Since its publication in 2007, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle has captivated readers with its blend of memoir and journalistic investigation. Newly updated with original pieces from the entire Kingsolver clan, this commemorative volume explores how the f... Read more about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

This story about good food begins in a quick-stop convenience market. It was our family’s last day in Arizona, where I’d lived half my life and raised two kids for the whole of theirs. Now we were mov...

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