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Dream Man

Linda Howard

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Written in her "trademark darkly sensual style" (Booklist), New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard brings us an electrifying page-turner of passion and suspense with a captivating premise…

What would make the perfect man? That's the delicious... More details on Mr. Perfect

Her neighbor, the blight of the neighborhood, had just roared home at three a.m. If his car had a muffler, it had long since ceased functioning. Unfortunately, her bedroom was on the same side of the ...
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Seamlessly blending heart-pounding romance and breathless intrigue, New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard writes a masterful, stylish, and provocative suspense novel that absolutely defies readers to put it down.

Daisy Minor is bored. Worse ... More details on Open Season

Carmela nervously clutched the burlap bag that held her other dress, some water, and the small package of food she had been able to save for the trip north, across the border. Orlando had told her tha...
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Roanna Davenport was raised a wealthy orphan on her grandmother's magnificent Alabama estate, Davencourt, where she had a passion for horses, a genius for trouble, and a deep love for her cousin, Webb. But everyone expected Webb to marry their ravish... More details on Shades of Twilight

The voices were hushed, but Roanna heard them anyway and knew they were talking about her. She curled her skinny little body into a tighter knot, hugging her knees to her chest as she stared stolidly ...
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She finds lost children-all the while trying to outrun the brutal emotions stemming from a tragedy in her past.

Milla Edge is fueled by an obsession to fill the void in other people's lives. Traveling to a small village in... More details on Cry No More

The old fascination, the obsession, with medicine remained, but it was tempered now by something equally as fascinating. He’d never suspected that the process of pregnancy and childbirth, of the rapid...
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When Jenner Redwine wins a lottery jackpot, she can't imagine ever finding a place in the world of the wealthy. Seven years later, though, she finds an ally-and a guide to the rarefied realm of privilege-in the kind-hearted heiress Sydney Hazlett, wh... More details on Burn

JENNER REDWINE’S CELL PHONE RANG AS SHE WAS TRUDGING across the parking lot to her car. That would be Dylan, she thought with a flash of annoyance as she fished the phone from the bottom of her denim ...
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The New York Times bestselling author of Open Season weaves a sizzling novel of love and hate between the girl from the wrong side of the tracks and the town's wealthy and powerful favorite son.

A poor, outcast child in Prescott, Louisiana, Faith Dev... More details on After the Night

It was a good day for dreaming. It was late in the afternoon, the sun throwing long shadows when it could manage to break through the thick woods, but for the most part the translucent golden light wa...
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She was a dead ringer. Now she's just dead. . . .

Blair Mallory lives the good life. She's pretty, confident, and the owner of a thriving up-scale fitness center. But in the shadow of success, a troubled member of the club develops a strange fixation... More details on To Die For

All-American girl, that’s me. If you look at the pictures in my high school yearbooks, you’ll see a girl with long blond hair, a tan, and a wide grin that shows off her perfect white teeth, courtesy o...
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A woman who hears voices. A man who sees visions. A killer who may elude them both.... More details on Sizzle and Burn

The voice was a dark, ghostly whisper in her head. Raine Tallentyre stopped at the top of the basement stairs. Gingerly she touched the banister with her fingertips. That was all the contact she neede...
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A thrilling, fast-paced novel of romantic suspense from sensational New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Linda Howard.For Morgan Yancy, an operative and team leader in a paramilitary group, nothing comes before his job. But when he's ambus... More details on Troublemaker

IT WAS ONE OF THOSE BRIGHT, EARLY-MARCH DAYS THAT made you think spring had to be here, even though you knew the winter bitch wasn’t yet ready to loosen her grip and move completely out of town. Morga...
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What do readers say about Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door?

laugh out loud funny murder mystery romance funny and light all the characters

A nice, normal life. Is that too much to ask? For Riley Thorn it is.

Divorced. Broke. Living with a pack of elderly roommates. And those hallucinations she's diligently ignoring? Her tarot card-dealing mom is convinced they're clairvoyant visions. ... More details on Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door

Normal had been Riley’s rebellion against a patchouli-scented, home-grown vegetable-selling, seance-attending childhood. Normal was her middle name. Well, not technically. Her legal middle name was th...
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