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Gillespie and I

Jane Harris

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Meet Mike Engleby, a second-year student at university. Despite the fact that Mike is obviously intelligent, and involved in many clubs, it is clear that something about Mike is not quite right. When he becomes fixated on a classmate named Jennifer A... More details on Engleby

MY NAME IS Mike Engleby, and I’m in my second year at an ancient university. My college was founded in 1662, which means it’s viewed here as modern. Its chapel was designed by Hawksmoor, or possibly W...
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'Vastly original… Bessy is surely one of the most striking characters in recent fiction: cynical, disruptive, tender and very, very funny.' Independent on Sunday

Shortlisted for the Orange Prize

Scotland, 1863. In an attempt to escape her past, Bessy... More details on The Observations

I had reason to leave Glasgow, this would have been about three four years ago, and I had been on the Great Road about five hours when I seen a track to the left and a sign that said ‘Castle Haivers’....
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What do readers say about Alms For Oblivion Vol I?

bathing in honey unrepentantly filthy post-war years novel sequence

ALMS FOR OBLIVION is a series of ten novels, all telling separate stories but at the same time linked together by the characters they have in common: soldiers and dons, men of business, politicians and writers.

Full of hearty rancour, they form a sca... More details on Alms For Oblivion Vol I

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Man Booker Prize Finalist. LA Times Book Prize Finalist. New York Times Editor's Choice. American Booksellers Association National Indie Bestseller! Named on "Best Book" lists by Newsweek, NPR, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Sunday Times!

In th... More details on His Bloody Project

I am writing this at the behest of my advocate, Mr Andrew Sinclair, who since my incarceration here in Inverness has treated me with a degree of civility I in no way deserve. My life has been short an...
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A Best Book of the Year choice by:

The New York Times Book Review

The Washington Post (Jonathan Yardley)

The San Francisco Chronicle ... More details on Old Filth

The Benchers’ luncheon-room of the Inner Temple. Light pours through the long windows upon polished table, silver, glass. A number of Judges and Benchers finishing lunch. One chair has recently been v...
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The elegant and compelling novel about a Pakistani man's abandonment of his high-flying life in New York??-??an extraordinary portrait of a divid... More details on The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Excuse me, sir, but may I be of assistance? Ah, I see I have alarmed you. Do not be frightened by my beard: I am a lover of America. I noticed that you were looking for something; more than looking, i...
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First published in 1900, Dom Casmurro, widely considered Machado de Assis's greatest novel and a classic of Brazilian literature, is a brilliant retelling of the classic adultery tale-a sad and darkly comic novel about love and the corrosive power of... More details on Dom Casmurro

When Dom Casmurro, sometimes rendered as ‘Lord Taciturn’, was first published in Paris in 1899, Machado de Assis was already established as Brazil’s foremost man of letters. He had written six novels,...
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A lonely schoolteacher reveals more than she intends when she records the story of her best friend's affair with a pupil in this sly, insightful novel

Schoolteacher Barbara Covett has led a solitary existence; aside from her cat, Portia, she has few ... More details on What Was She Thinking?

The first time I ever saw Sheba was on a Monday morning, early in the winter term of 1996. I was standing in the St. George’s car park, getting books out of the back of my car, when she came through t...
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A national bestseller and one of the New York Public Library's Books to Remember, An Instance of the Fingerpost is a thrilling historical mystery from Iain Pears.

"It is 1663, and England is wracked with intrigue and civil strife. When an Oxford don ... More details on An Instance of the Fingerpost

Marco da Cola, Gentleman of Venice, respectfully presents his greetings. I wish to recount the journey which I made to England in the year 1663, the events which I witnessed and the people I met, thes...
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The brevity of Muriel Spark's novels is equaled only by their brilliance. These four novels, each a miniature masterpiece, illustrate her development over four decades. Despite the seriousness of their themes, all four are fantastic comedies of manne... More details on The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

THE BOYS, AS THEY talked to the girls from Marcia Blaine School, stood on the far side of their bicycles holding the handlebars, which established a protective fence of bicycle between the sexes, and ...
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