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In the Blood: Raw and gritty tale

Terminal List (Book 5)

Jack Carr

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"This is seriously good. I mean-seriously." -Lee Child, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Past Tense

"Take my word for it, James Reece is one rowdy motherf***er. Get ready!"-Chris Pratt, star of The Terminal List, coming to A... View details

THERE’S A REASON THAT recreational sailors don’t cross the Atlantic as winter advances from the north: it’s a rough ride. Lieutenant Commander James Reece found some amusement in the fact that as a na...
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In a world violated by terror, the old lines have blurred. Meet the next generation of covert ops.

John Dempsey's life - as an elite Tier One Navy SEAL named Jack Kemper - is over. A devastating terrorist action catapults him from a world of moral ... View details

Jack Kemper ran his fingertip along the place where the jihadist’s dagger had carved him to the bone. The scar wrapped his forearm like a serpent, but it had long since lost its bite. It was an old wo...
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"Take my word for it, James Reece is one rowdy motherf***er. Get ready!"-Chris Pratt, star of The Terminal Lis t, coming soon to Amazon Prime

"A rare gut-punch writer, full of grit and insight, who we will be happily reading for years to come." -G... View details

JAMES REECE RODE IN the passenger seat of the 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 in silence, taking in the serene beauty of the landscape. The road cut through a thick stand of ponderosa pines that towered ...
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On his last combat deployment, Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s entire team was killed in a catastrophic ambush. But when those dearest to him are murdered on the day of his homecoming, Reece discovers that this was not an act of war by a foreign e... View details

NOT ONE OF THE GUYS on the ground had liked this mission. Now, moving to within a klick of their target, they had pushed that distraction from their minds and were solely focused on the deadly challen...
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"Its theme is political fanaticism, with which it deals severely and brilliantly." -New Yorker

A stevedore on the San Francisco docks in the 1940s, Eric Hoffer wrote philosophical treatises in his spare time while living in the railroad yards. The Tr... View details

It is a truism that many who join a rising revolutionary movement are attracted by the prospect of sudden and spectacular change in their conditions of life. A revolutionary movement is a conspicuous ...
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