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Wolf Gone Wild

Stay a Spell (Book 1)

Juliette Cross

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One taste of her is all it takes. He's playing for keeps...

Notoriously bad at peopling, Isadora Savoie spends most of her time in the greenhouse or at the local animal shelter, using her Conduit powers of growth and healing. Content to remain in th... View details

Just bumping along on my bicycle, down the narrow street that paralleled Magazine, while daydreaming of this particular little flower. It was right after sundown, which was my favorite part of the day...
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Violet Savoie has a plan. A dream, rather. To open her own tattoo shop, which caters to supernaturals in need of permanent charms. As a powerful Seer, she has the potent magic to cast every kind of spell. Except the kind to give werewolves control ov... View details

“Don’t make me laugh unless you want this tattoo all fucked up.” The rhythmic vibration of the tattoo needle settled into my skin, a welcome pain. “The favor was just to let me put this tattoo on you,...
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Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Saddled with insurmountable debt, Tessa is desperate for a way out. When she's referred to an agency that pairs vampires with blood donors as a quick way to make some cash, she has no choice but to accept ... View details

For the fifth time, Amos found himself adjusting the floral arrangement on the coffee table, twisting it ninety degrees to the right, frowning, then twisting it back. He clenched his jaw, still dissat...
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There's a reason no one messes with a grim...

Livvy Savoie is a people person. Not only does she have the magical gift of persuasion, but her natural charisma charms everyone she meets. She hasn't met a person she didn't like. Until her annoyingly b... View details

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New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hawkins, writing as Erin Sterling, casts a spell with a spine-tingling romance full of wishes, witches, and hexes gone wrong.

Nine years ago, Vivienne Jones nursed her broken heart like any young witch would: ... View details

For one, it was Wales, so rain literally came with the territory, Rhys understood that, but he’d driven from London that morning through sunshine with the occasional cloud. Gorgeous blue skies, rollin...
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Once Upon a Time…

Scarlett Riding is NOT an ugly stepsister. Cinderella is the evil one in the family and Letty is determined to prove it. Unfortunately, that's kinda hard to do from behind bars. After the debacle at the ball, Letty and her sister... View details

For the six weeks, Scarlett Riding had been locked inside the Wicked, Ugly and Bad Mental Health Treatment Center and Maximum Security Prison. She knew what crazy looked like. Letty had spent the pa...
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A woman on the run…

Grace came to Longtooth, Alaska looking for a safe place to hide. All she wanted was to keep her head down, do her job, and enjoy the peace and quiet. But there's no peace to be found once she meets Longtooth's cantankerous bush ... View details

I gripped the edge of my seat as the plane touched down. Normally, I wasn’t afraid of flying. But in this instance, I was strapped into a four-seater plane, whose wingspan nearly clipped the pine tree...
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While Justine, Juliette's sister, was a virtuous woman who consequently encountered nothing but despair and abuse, Juliette is an amoral nymphomaniac murderer who is successful and happy.... View details

’T was at Panthemont we were brought up, Justine and I, there that we received our education. The name of that celebrated retreat is not unfamiliar to you; nor does it require telling that for many a ...
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There will be biting...

Second chance romance

Vampire masquerade ball

Only one bed ... View details

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Northern Exposure

Even in Grundy, Alaska, it's unusual to find a naked guy with a bear trap clamped to his ankle on your porch. But when said guy turns into a wolf, recent southern transplant Mo Wenstein has no difficulty identifying the problem. He... View details

This was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. A lesson that I didn’t anticipate that crisp June morning as I drove my ailing truck to the town limits of tiny Grundy in the southeast interior of Alask...
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