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Homer's Odyssey

Gwen Cooper

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What do readers say about A Street Cat Named Bob?

a true storyI ugly sobbednonfictionone of the most feel-good

The Instant New York Times Bestseller!

James is a street musician struggling to make ends meet.

Bob is a stray cat looking for somewhere warm to sleep.

When James and Bob meet, they forge a never-to-be-forgotten friendship that has been charming read... Read more about A Street Cat Named Bob

I spent a significant chunk of my life proving how true those words are. I was given a lot of opportunities, sometimes on a daily basis. For a long time I failed to take any of them, but then, in the ...


What do readers say about The Dalai Lama's Cat?

child-like in their simplicityvery gentlebeautiful bookbuddhist life

"'Oh! How adorable! I didn't know you had a cat!' she exclaimed. I am always surprised how many people make this observation. Why should His Holiness not have a cat?' If only she could speak,' continued the actress. 'I'm sure she'd have such wisdom t... Read more about The Dalai Lama's Cat

Unwrapped from the death trap of the sports page (“Bangalore Crushes Rajasthan by 9 Wickets” read the headline), I was soon resting comfortably in the back of the Dalai Lama’s car. Moments later, milk...


What do readers say about The Lion in the Living Room?

I tend to take things too seriously

A New York Times bestseller about how cats conquered the world and our hearts in this "deep and illuminating perspective on our favorite household companion" (Huffington Post).

House cats rule bedrooms and back alleys, deserted Antarctic islands, eve... Read more about The Lion in the Living Room

BUBBLING AWAY on Wilshire Boulevard in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, the La Brea Tar Pits look like pools of toxic black taffy. California colonists once harvested tar here to waterproof their r...


What do readers say about The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr?

a weird classicincredibly strange novelwild animal storiessense of humor

It was E. T. A. Hoffmann (1776-1822) who first explored many of the themes and techniques which were later used by writers from Dickens to Dostoyevsky, Poe to Kafka, Baudelaire to Marquez.

His career reached a glorious climax in The Tomcat Murr, perh... Read more about The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr


A wonderful sui generis novel about a visiting cat who brings joy into a couple's life in Tokyo

A bestseller in France and winner of Japan's Kiyama Shohei Literary Award, The Guest Cat, by the acclaimed poet Takashi Hiraide, is a subtly moving and ex... Read more about The Guest Cat

The small window in the corner of our kitchen bordered on a tall wooden fence, so close a person could barely pass by. From inside the house, its frosted glass looked like a dim movie screen. There wa...


The Cat in the Hat came to play one rainy, nothing-to-do afternoon. His hilarious antics are "recommended for all libraries."-"School Library Journal," starred review... Read more about The Cat in the Hat


Experience the uplifting, "unforgettable" New York Times bestseller about an abandoned kitten named Dewey, whose life in a library won over a farming town and the world - with over 2 million copies sold! (Booklist)

Dewey's story starts in the worst ... Read more about Dewey

January 18, 1988, was a bitterly cold Iowa Monday. The night before, the temperature had reached minus fifteen degrees, and that didn’t take into account the wind, which cut under your coat and squeez...


What do readers say about The Cat Who Could Read Backwards?

simple, fun mystery solvingfun and lightheartedcomforting and familiarsmall town feel


The world of modern art is a mystery to many. But for Jim Qwilleran, it turns into a mystery of another sort when his assignment for The Daily Fluxion leads down the pat... Read more about The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

In the reception room he picked up a copy of the early edition and studied the front page. He read the weather prediction (unseasonably warm) and the circulation figures (427,463) and the publisher’s ...


What do readers say about The Travelling Cat Chronicles?

friendship and lovea stray japanese catcharming and subtlesuperficial and amateurish

A book that "speak[s] volumes about our need for connection-human, feline or otherwise" (The San Francisco Chronicle), The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a life-affirming anthem to kindness and self-sacrifice that shows how the smallest things can prov... Read more about The Travelling Cat Chronicles

IN HER PREVIOUSjob, Noriko had often been posted to new places, so she was used to moving. She would take what she needed out of the cardboard boxes, steadily unpacking, always in the same order. When...


Fifteen years ago, a young author surprised and enchanted readers with his first novel-the story of Fritti Tailchaser, a courageous tom cat in a world of whiskery heroes and villains, of feline gods and strange, furless creatures called M'an.... Read more about Tailchaser's Song

The Hour of Unfolding Dark had begun, and the rooftop where Tailchaser lay was smothered in shadow. He was deep in a dream of leaping and flying when he felt an unusual tingling in his whiskers. Fritt...

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