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Wil Huygen

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"Once upon a time, I thought faeries lived only in books, old folktales, and the past. That was before they burst upon my life as vibrant, luminous beings, permeating my art and my everyday existence, causing glorious havoc...."

In the long-awaited s... Read more about Good Faeries Bad Faeries


Initiation into Hermetics if the first and most important of Franz Bardon's works and is rightly regarded as the cornerstone of his entire opus. In contrast to other booths on the subject of magic, Bardon focuses his attention on the practical traini... Read more about Initiation Into Hermetics


In the middle of winter and late at night, an old friend returns for his annual visit to take care of the animals and look after the inhabitants of the old farmhouse. He goes through his regular routine but becomes perplexed by an undying question fo... Read more about The Tomten


Edited by David Larkin. Two talented artists explore the world of faeries in myths, legends, and folklore.... Read more about Faeries


What do readers say about Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book?

recording things in natureI love it hardhow detailed the picturesthe story line

A parody of the Victorian obsessions with fairies and pressed flowers is presented in the form of a diary... Read more about Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book


What do readers say about Go the F**k to Sleep?

a joke given at baby showers

A Reader's Digest 25 Funniest Books of All Time

Nothing has driven home a certain truth about my generation, which is approaching the apex of its childbearing years, quite like this.

-The New Yorker

A parenting zeitgeist... Read more about Go the F**k to Sleep


England, 1810. The north is governed by a single rule. Faerie will take as it pleases.

William Loxley is cursed. A pale and monstrous creature haunts his dreams, luring him from London to the desolate, grey landscape of his forgotten childhood. Ther... Read more about The Faerie Hounds of York

Loxley woke cold and stiff. He was not in his bed but on the ground outside, his clothes crisp with frost, and with moss tousled in his hair. His fingers ached, and he unfurled them slowly as he rose ...

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