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Cold Hand in Mine

Robert Aickman

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It's a real place. It lies beyond the limits of literature, past the borders of what is expected, what is allowed. All the great artists of horror have been there.

Poe. Lovecraft. King. They went as tourists, as exiles, as adventurers, and they broug... View details

Even after Needles and the border, however, there is no relief; the dry air only thins further as the long, relentless climb continues in earnest. Flagstaff is still almost two hundred miles, and Wins...
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Aickman's 'strange stories' (his preferred term) are constructed immaculately, the neuroses of his characters painted in subtle shades. He builds dread by the steady accrual of realistic detail, until the reader realises that the protagonist is headi... View details

Aickman at his best was this century’s most profound writer of what we call horror stories and he, with greater accuracy, preferred to call strange stories. In his work is a vast disparity between the...
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Four stories, "Children of the Kingdom," "Petey," "Black Man With a Horn," and "Nadelman's God," deal with creatures of the urban night, a hungry beast, a ritual murder, and terrifying apparitions... View details

'Let's face it, Doctor, if an inmate's suicidal there ain't a hell of a lot you can do. Sure, you can take away his shoes so he don't strangle himself with his shoelaces, and you take away his clothes...
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A chilling selection of short fiction--including early stories, new pieces, and two never-before-published novellas--features "Mrs. God," "The Buffalo Hunter," and other works that reveal the horrors that lurk beneath the surface of the ordinary worl... View details

On a stifling summer day the two youngest of the five Beevers children, Harry and Little Eddie, were sitting on cane-backed chairs in the attic of their house on South Sixth Street in Palmyra, New Yor...
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In these wildly imaginative, devilishly daring tales of the macabre, internationally bestselling author Mariana Enriquez brings contemporary Argentina to vibrant life as a place where shocking inequality, violence, and corruption are the law of the l... View details

My family thinks I’m crazy, and all because I choose to live in our old family home in Constitución, in the house that once belonged to my paternal grandparents. It’s an imposing stone building on Cal...
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Dive into this collection of exquisite, classic horror stories-just make sure to have the lights on and the doors locked!First published in 1904, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary contains eight tales of supernatural horror by genre master M.R. James. Hi... View details

Two men in a smoking-room were talking of their private-school days. ‘At our school,’ said A., ‘we had a ghost’s footmark on the staircase. What was it like? Oh, very unconvincing. Just the shape of a...
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Thomas Ligotti is often cited as the most curious and remarkable figure in horror literature since H. P. Lovecraft. His work is noted by critics for its display of an exceptionally grotesque imagination and accomplished prose style. In his stories, L... View details

We were living in a rented house, neither the first nor the last of a long succession of such places that the family inhabited throughout my childhood years. It was shortly after we had moved into thi...
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What happens when your everyday life begins to skew towards the inexplicable and insane? What do you do when your already fractured normality shatters? Featuring all female protagonists, A Nest of Nightmares will take you on a journey through unease ... View details

The house had been built, after the local custom, out of wood, and then set upon cement blocks that raised it three or four feet off the ground. But floods seemed far less dangerous to the house now t...
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"An alchemical mix of Borges, Raymond Chandler and Buffy the Vampire Slayer."-Salon.com (Best of the Year)

"A delightful collection."-Cleveland Plain Dealer

"My favorite fantasy writer."-Alan Cheuse, All Things Considered

Link's stories defy explanat... View details

Rachel Rook took Carroll home to meet her parents two months after she first slept with him. For a generous girl, a girl who took off her clothes with abandon, she was remarkably close-mouthed about s...
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pt. 1. The color of evil. The reach / Stephen King --

Evening primrose / John Collier --

The ash-tree / M.R. James --

The new mother / Lucy Clifford -- ... View details

Stephen King is the single most popular writer of horror fiction since Charles Dickens; one of the most popular writers of fiction in the English language today. He is a pop culture phenomenon, the ki...
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