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The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Malcolm X, Alex Haley

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The searing, visionary memoir of founding Black Panther Huey P. Newton, in a dazzling graphic package

Tracing the birth of a revolutionary, Huey P. Newton's famous and oft-quoted autobiography is as much a manifesto as a portrait of the inner circle... View details

Both of my parents were born in the Deep South, my father in Alabama, my mother in Louisiana. In the mid-thirties, their families migrated to Arkansas, where my parents met and married. They were very...
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In 2013 Assata Shakur, founding member of the Black Liberation Army, former Black Panther and godmother of Tupac Shakur, became the first ever woman to make the FBI's most wanted terrorist list.

Assata Shakur's trial and conviction for the murder of... View details

There were lights and sirens. Zayd was dead. My mind knew that Zayd was dead. The air was like cold glass. Huge bubbles rose and burst. Each one felt like an explosion in my chest. My mouth tasted lik...
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"Any kind of movement for freedom of Black people based solely within the confines of America is absolutely doomed to fail."

Speeches and interviews from the last two years of Malcolm X's life.... View details

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Based on over 100 hours of interviews with Fidel Castro conducted over three years, Fidel Castro: My Life is as close to a memoir as we will ever get from the Cuban leader.

Here Castro speaks with raw frankness about the events of his extraordinary l... View details

Historical roots are important, and in that regard, I wanted to ask you: You were born into a relatively well-to-do family, you studied at religious schools for the wealthy, you later studied law. Wit...
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Wanda Sykes, LeVar Burton, Leslie Odom, Jr., and Gabourey Sidibe head a cast of beloved actors performing 23 selections from the speeches, sermons, and essays of Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.-many never recorded during his lifetime. For the first time,... View details

The following is a chapter from Dr. King’s memoir of the Montgomery bus boycott, Stride Toward Freedom (1958), which King described as “the chronicle of 50,000 Negroes who took to heart the principles...
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In a profound work that pivots from the biggest questions about American history and ideals to the most intimate concerns of a father for his son, Ta-Nehisi Coates offers a powerful new framework for understanding our nation's history and current cri... View details

Last Sunday the host of a popular news show asked me what it meant to lose my body. The host was broadcasting from Washington, D.C., and I was seated in a remote studio on the far west side of Manhatt...
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More than one million copies sold! A "brilliant" (Lupita Nyong'o, Time), "poignant" (Entertainment Weekly), "soul-nourishing" (USA Today) memoir about coming of age during the twilight of apartheid

"Noah's childhood sto... View details

Sometimes in big Hollywood movies they’ll have these crazy chase scenes where somebody jumps or gets thrown from a moving car. The person hits the ground and rolls for a bit. Then they come to a stop ...
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The autobiography of global human rights icon Nelson Mandela is "riveting . . . both a brilliant description of a diabolical system and a testament to the power of the spirit to transcend it" (Washington Post).

Nelson Mandela was one of the great ... View details

APART FROM LIFE, a strong constitution, and an abiding connection to the Thembu royal house, the only thing my father bestowed upon me at birth was a name, Rolihlahla. In Xhosa, Rolihlahla literally m...
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Named one of the most important nonfiction books of the 21st century by Entertainment Weekly' Slate' Chronicle of Higher Education' Literary Hub, Book Riot' and Zora

It is in no small part thanks to Alexander's account that civil rights organization... View details

For more than one hundred years, scholars have written about the illusory nature of the Emancipation Proclamation. President Abraham Lincoln issued a declaration purporting to free slaves held in Sout...
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Richard Wright's powerful account of his journey from innocence to experience in the Jim Crow South is a profound indictment-a poignant and disturbing record of social injustice and human suffering.

When Black Boy exploded onto the literary scene i... View details

This volume presents the text of Richard Wright’s autobiography Black Boy (American Hunger) from a complete set of page proofs dating from the spring of 1944. This is the last version of the text that...
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