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The Passenger

Lisa Lutz

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A young woman stages her own death and flees from her abusive husband to a small Midwestern town where she discovers love and happiness, until her vengeful husband uncovers her secret... View details

The agitation that had driven First Lieutenant Sybil Hunter from her quarters in the barracks to the Cosmos observation center eased as the lack of activity reflected on the huge screens caught her at...
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"A great American deadpan comedy. . . . Norwood, like a belt of whiskey, cleared my sinuses right up." --Slate

Norwood, Charles Portis's first novel, displayed right out of the gate the wit, style, and singular voice that made him one of our great Am... View details

NORWOOD HAD TO GET a hardship discharge when Mr. Pratt died because there wasn’t anyone else at home to look after Vernell. Vernell was Norwood’s sister. She was a heavy, sleepy girl with bad posture....
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On Route 66, as word travels that children's grave sites are being discovered along the road, the parents of missing children form a silent caravan. They are being shepherded by NYPD Detective Kathleen Mallory, who seeks a killer like none she has ev... View details

The haunt of Grand Central Station was a small girl with matted hair and dirty clothes. She appeared only in the commuter hours, morning and evening, when the child believed that she could go invisibl...
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In The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving (releasing June 24, 2016 as a Netflix Original Film titled The Fundamentals of Caring, starring Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez), Jonathan Evison, author of the new novel This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! and the... View details

I was broke when duty called me to minister to those less fortunate than myself, so maybe I’m no Florence Nightingale. And maybe in light of all that happened with Piper and Jodi, I’m not qualified to...
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A teacher at a New England prep school ignites a gender war-with deadly consequences-in this dark and provocative novel by the bestselling author of The Passenger

"Riveting . . . full of imagination and power."-Caroline Kepnes, author of You and Prov... View details

I don’t hate teaching. I don’t love it either. That’s also my general stance on adolescents. I understand that one day they’ll rule the world and we’ll all have to live with the consequences. But ther...
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"BALTIMORE WOMAN DISAPPEARS DURING FAMILY VACATION." The headlines are all the same: Beloved mother and wife Delia Grinstead was last seen strolling down the Delaware shore, wearing only a bathing suit and carrying a beach tote with five hundred doll... View details

This all started on a Saturday morning in May, one of those warm spring days that smell like clean linen. Delia had gone to the supermarket to shop for the week’s meals. She was standing in the produc...
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A murder and its consequences in a small Southern town are the backdrop to Pearson's investigations of a fictional world where laugh-out-loud humor is interwoven with some of mankind's darkest impulses.... View details

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In her acclaimed novels, Susan Vreeland has given us portraits of painting and life that are as dazzling as their artistic subjects. Now, in The Forest Lover, she traces the courageous life and career of Emily Carr, who-more than Georgia O'Keeffe or ... View details

Letting her cape snap in the wind, Emily gripped her carpetbag and wicker food hamper, and hiked up the beach, feasting her eyes on Hitats’uu spread wide beneath fine-spun vapor. Cedars elbowing firs ...
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