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"The Shootist is John Bernard Books, a gunfighter at the turn of the twentieth century who must confront the greatest Shootist of all: Death. Most men would end their days in bed or take their own lives, but a gunfighter has a third option, one that ... View details

It was noon of a bodeful day. The sun was an eye bloodshot by dust. His horse was fistulowed. Some friction between saddle and hide, of thorn or stone or knot of thread, had created an abscess on the ...
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A strange old woman caked in Montana mud pens a letter to her darling daughter back East-the writer's name is Martha Jane, but her friends call her Calamity...

I am the Wild West, no show about it. I was one of the people who kept it wild.

Larry McMu... View details

Bartle was combing his fine beard. Among his few treasures was a fragment of comb he had snitched from a whore in Cheyenne. His beard was another treasure, at least in his view. Many western beards we...
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In this striking debut from the author of the National Book Award winner Paris Trout, Pete Dexter chronicles a murder and its consequences in the fictional blue-collar Philadelphia neighborhood of God's Pocket.

Leon Hubba... View details

Leon Hubbard died ten minutes into lunch break on the first Monday in May, on the construction site of the new one-story trauma wing at Holy Redeemer Hospital in South Philadelphia. One way or the oth...
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The Virginian is a pioneering novel set in the Wild West describing the life of the foreman of the Shiloh Ranch in Wyoming. It was the first true western written, aside from the tiny dime novels. It paved the way for many more westerns by famous auth... View details

1860 Owen Wister is born on July 14 in Germantown, Pennsylvania , a suburb of Philadelphia. His father belongs to a prominent, wealthy family with roots in Philadelphia stretching back to the 1700s; h...
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Two men. One woman. A land that demanded courage-or death...

He was a man etched by the desert's howling winds, a big, broad-shouldered man who knew the ways of the Apache and ways of staying alive. She was a woman raising a young son on her own on a... View details

Chapter OneHE ROLLED THE cigarette in his lips, liking the taste of the tobacco, squinting his eyes against the sun glare. His buckskin shirt, seasoned by sun, rain, and sweat, smelled stale and old. ...
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Love and vengeance at the dark dawn of the East Texas oil boom from Joe Lansdale, "a true American original" (Joe Hill, author of Heart-Shaped Box).

Jack Parker thought he'd already seen his fair share of tragedy. His grandmother was killed in a fa... View details

I didn’t suspect the day Grandfather came out and got me and my sister, Lula, and hauled us off toward the ferry that I’d soon end up with worse things happening than had already come upon us or that ...
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A "gorgeous, brutal masterpiece" of loss, survival, and buffalo hunting in the nineteenth century Midwest by the "great American writer" of Coal Black Horse ( Kirkus Reviews , starred review).

Michael Coughlin, a Civil War veteran with an enigmati... View details

Some distance from town he was met with the smell of raw sewage and creosote, the stink of lye and kerosene oil, the carrion of dead and slaughtered animals unfit for human consumption. He struck the ...
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A gorgeous original graphic novel from the best-selling creators of KILL OR BE KILLED, MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES, and CRIMINAL.

Max Winters, a pulp writer in 1930s New York, finds himself drawn into a story not unlike the tales he churns... View details

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In his National Book Award-winning novel Augustus, John Williams uncovered the secrets of ancient Rome. With Butcher's Crossing, his fiercely intelligent, beautifully written western, Williams dismantles the myths of modern America.

It is the 1870s, ... View details

The coach from Ellsworth to Butcher’s Crossing was a dougherty that had been converted to carry passengers and small freight. Four mules pulled the cart over the ridged, uneven road that descended sli...
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