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Most Eligible Billionaire

Billionaires of Manhattan (Book 1)

Annika Martin

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What do readers say about The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl?

fun and hotvery very funripping a dress offI about died

When my manager assigns me the task of finding a new wake up call service for our CEO, I think, how hard can this be?

Answer: practically impossible. It turns out that no wake-up call company in the world will take him on as a client. They've all ... Read more about The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl

And then there were the strange looks my co-workers would give me when I went around introducing myself as Vossameer Inc.’s new social media manager. “I’m here to jazz up our online image,” I’d explai...


What do readers say about Breaking the Billionaire's Rules?

the side charactersit flowed beautifullymax hilton playbooka joy to read

A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from NYT bestselling author Annika Martin!*

Max Hilton is my high school nemesis turned billionaire. And tomorrow I deliver his lunch order.

In a cat costume.

You know he's going to love it. He'll smile that smi... Read more about Breaking the Billionaire's Rules

Kelsey lets me go. “Who even does that?” Her fists are balled, her lips pursed into an angry little rosebud. She’s a dancer with awesome powers of emoting. “He just wants to crush you! He wants to dem...


What do readers say about The Billionaire's Fake Fiancée?

opposites attract romancehilarious to reada private cruiseit’s a must read

I'm no Prince Charming, and the last thing I want is a Cinderella.

My instructions were simple: scour the city for a fake fiancée who's not my type at all. Have her on my jet Monday morning, dressed appropriately for a yacht vacation. I need a woman... Read more about The Billionaire's Fake Fiancée

Amanda looks like she wants to melt into the wall. She tightens her grip on the handle of my rolling salon case, sparkly pink with polished silver hinges and hardware. I’ve been letting her wheel it i...


"My heart is overflowing with happy and blissful feels. My top romcom read of the year!"

~PP's Bookshelf

I may be a shy letter carrier, but when my beloved apartment building is threatened by a mysterious and reclusive billionaire, I'm willing to ... Read more about Return Billionaire to Sender

I tuck a pen into one of the pen-holding slots inside the flap of my bag. I rotate it so that it’s perfectly lined up with the other pens, all nestled in their slots, then I look up and smile, putting...


A sexy new standalone from USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen. You'd think a billion dollars, a professional hockey team and a six-bedroom mansion on the Promenade would satisfy a guy. You'd be wrong. For seven years Rebecca has brightened my office w... Read more about Brooklynaire

Luckily, the office was just another block away. Her job didn’t often call for heels and a suit, but today she needed to look authoritative. That wasn’t easy when you were five-feet-three-inches tall,...


Rules are made to be broken . . .

If England had yearbooks, I'd probably be "Arden St. Ives: Man Least Likely to Set the World on Fire." So far, I haven't. I've no idea what I'm doing at Oxford, no idea what I'm going to do next and, until a week ag... Read more about How to Bang a Billionaire

I was supposed to be doing this college fund-raiser thing where undergraduates called up wealthy alumni and connected deeply with them in a way that got them all nostalgic and wallet-opening or bank-t...


MP3 CD Format Vienna Stratton knew she only had herself to blame. You didn't let yourself become indebted to a man like Dane Davenport, no matter how badly you needed his help. As his personal assistant, she was very aware that the globally successfu... Read more about The Favor

I narrowed my eyes at my friend and coworker. “No. And I don’t look anything like her.” We’d had this conversation already. But Hanna liked to poke at me in that way that only one of your closest frie...


Dominic was staring at me like he couldn't decide whether to chop me into pieces or pull my hair and French kiss me.


I got her fired. Okay, so I'd had a bad day and took it out on a bystander in a pizza shop. But there's nothing innocent ab... Read more about By a Thread

A junior editor chirped in my ear about canary yellow sundresses and Cuban photoshoots while the January wind worked its icy fingers through my layers. I navigated the curb buried under foot-tall pile...


I didn't see it coming. But, in all fairness, you could maybe, potentially, most definitely, say that I was just a little bit… distracted. It was the dimple. I think. Or it may have been his eyes. God, those eyes .…Alright, fine. It was the whole ... Read more about In Love And War

It was almost exactly seven years ago. He’d worn a charcoal-grey suit with a black shirt and tie, complemented by silver cufflinks and dark brown leather shoes. No watch, which had been surprising. Th...


In New York Times Bestselling author Nalini Singh's newest contemporary romance, passion ignites between a gorgeous, sinfully sexy man who built himself up from nothing and a shy woman who has a terrible secret in her past...

Wealthy businessman Ga... Read more about Rock Hard

Pushing back from her desk after shutting down her computer, she stretched to loosen up the kinks, then decided to visit the restroom before heading out to catch the 6:15 bus home. It was a good bet i...

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