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Don't Kiss the Bride

Carian Cole

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He's loved me since the day I was born.

He's taken care of me.

He's awakened me.

Tor. My father's best friend. ... Read more about Torn


I was a good girl. I ate my vegetables, volunteered at the local autism centre and sat in the front pew of church every Sunday. Then, I got cancer. What the hell kind of reward was that for a boring life well lived?

I was a seventeen-year-old paradig... Read more about Welcome to the Dark Side

Also, I was in the parking lot of First Light Church. It was my haven not only because it was a church and that was the original purpose of such places, but also because my grandpa was the pastor, my ...


From New York Times Bestselling author Penelope Douglas comes a new forbidden love story...JORDANHe took me in when I had nowhere else to go.He doesn't use me, hurt me, or forget about me. He doesn't treat me like I'm nothing, take me for granted, or... Read more about Birthday Girl

Unease pricks at the back of my neck. If he’s not answering, then he’s either asleep or out. Both could mean he’ll remember me after it’s too late. He’s not always unreliable, but this wouldn’t be the...


He's a professional hockey player trying to survive on his new team. I'm just trying to survive. I'm down to my last dollar.I live day-to-day in a world that doesn't care.Despite my bad luck, I'm a fighter.I never give up. I never stop trying.Ryan Pa... Read more about Home Game

“Shit,” I said under my breath, looking in dismay at the screen of my laptop. I was in a cafe trying to get my receipts submitted to Frank, my accountant, who had threatened to disown me if I didn’t g...


High fashion, high art, high expectations - this is Pretty Woman for the twenty-first century.

Money makes the world go round - that's what twenty-something Grace Reeves is learning. Stuck in a grind where everyone's ahead apart from her, she's pa... Read more about Unsticky


He was the myth and the legend of our small town. But no one knew the truth... except me.


My childhood was stolen by a monster. I've forgotten what love feels like. What happiness feels like. What hope feels like. I am numb.

Him ... Read more about Tied


Willow Taylor lives in a castle with large walls and iron fences. But this is no ordinary castle. It's called Heartstone Psychiatric Hospital and it houses forty other patients. It has nurses with mean faces and techs with permanent frowns.

It has a... Read more about Medicine Man

I’ve always straddled that line and done a great job of staying on the sane side. Because unfortunately, everyone else in my family is sane and un-crazy. I’ve always wanted something in common with th...


A thirty-six year old mother of two finds out life isn't over after divorce when a sexy as hell twenty-four year old tattoo artist kisses her senseless under a shooting star.Ivy thought she had it all-married to her high school sweetheart, two great ... Read more about Lukas

Concern is all over his face, and it looks sincere, causing my stomach to turn again at the thought of how long he’s been lying to me. Right to my face. I vomit again, and he takes a step backward. My...


The people we love are thieves.They steal our hearts. They steal our breath.They steal our sanity.And we let them.Over and over and over again.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *They say you never forget your first love.Mine was a homeless musici... Read more about No Tomorrow

“Earth to Piper Karel,” my co-worker Melissa says, ignoring the destruction she just caused. “How interesting can reception work really be? I’ve said your name like three times! I’m calling in a lunch...


What do readers say about Just a Heartbeat Away?

love triangle lightvery slow burna widower single dadmature and adult

Some people change your life

Others change your heartNewly widowed dad Sebastian Dorner was unraveling at the edges-until his son's teacher, Via DeRosa, threw him a lifeline. Now, two years later, they reconnect at Matty's new school, and an inconven... Read more about Just a Heartbeat Away

SEBASTIAN DORNER USED to be the kind of man who knew how to sit across a table from a woman. He used to know when to slant her a slice of white smile. He used to know when to unbutton the top button o...

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