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Hardwired (Book 1)

Walter Jon Williams

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In Voice of the Whirlwind, Walter Jon Williams has projected the universe of Hardwired one hundred years into the future, to a time when the orbitals have become independent feudal states with an interstellar drive. But the one constant of humankind ... View details

Steward hung suspended beneath a sky the color of wet slate. Below him the ground was dark, indistinct. There was the sensation of movement, of gliding flight. Sometimes Steward’s stomach fluttered as...
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In a decadent world of cheap pleasures and easy death, Marid Audrian has kept his independence the hardway. Still, like everything else in the Budayeen, he's available…for a price.

For a new kind of killer roams the streets of the Arab ghetto, a madm... View details

Chiriga’s nightclub was right in the middle of the Budayeen, eight blocks from the eastern gate, eight blocks from the cemetery. It was handy to have the graveyard so close-at-hand. The Budayeen was a...
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Mindplayers are tomorrow's psychoanalysts, linked directly to their patients using sophisticated machinery attached to the optic nerve. In one-to-one Mindplay contact, you can be inside someone else's head, wandering the landscapes of their conscious... View details

Of course, any time I did something with Jerry Wirerammer was Mistake Time. That seemed to be Jerry Wirerammer’s purpose in life. He was a cheery-looking type, very fair, all good teeth and clean hair...
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Hell Tanner isn't the sort of guy you'd mistake for a hero: he's a fast-driving car thief, a smuggler, and a stone-cold killer. He's also expendable - at least in the eyes of the Secretary of Traffic for the Nation of California. Tanner doesn't care ... View details

Hell Tanner flipped his cigar butt at it and scored a lucky hit. The bird uttered a hoarse cry and beat suddenly at the air. It climbed about fifty feet, and whether it shrieked a second time, he woul...
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NEW YORK TIMES bestseller

2005: Welcome to NoCal and SoCal, the uneasy sister-states of what used to be California.

The millennium has come and gone, leaving in its wake only stunned survivors. In Los Angeles, Berry Rydell is a former armed-respon... View details

The courier presses his forehead against layers of glass, argon, high-impact plastic. He watches a gunship traverse the city's middle distance like a hunting wasp, death slung beneath its thorax in a ...
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William Gibson, author of the extraordinary multiaward-winning novel Neuromancer, has written his most brilliant and thrilling work to date . . .The Mona Lisa Overdrive.

Enter Gibson's unique world-lyric and mechanical, sensual and violent, sobering... View details

For the first two hours of the flight to London it lay forgotten in her purse, a smooth dark oblong, one side impressed with the ubiquitous Maas-Neotek logo, the other gently curved to fit the user’s ...
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Synners are synthesizers - not machines, but people. They take images from the brains of performers, and turn them into a form which can be packaged, sold and consumed. This book is set in a world where new technology spawns new crime before it hits ... View details

"Who's laughing? Do you see me laughing?" She shifted on her high stool and held her subject's arm closer to the lamp. The lotus job was especially difficult, as it had to merge into a preexisting des...
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"A breath of fresh air . . . the vision is deeply imagined, very complete and controlled . . . Gibson is truly brilliant."-Washington Times magazine

From a true master of science fiction comes a collection of short stories that show how, no matter ... View details

Mercifully, the whole thing is starting to fade, to be-come an episode. When I do still catch the odd glimpse, it’s peripheral; mere fragments of mad-doctor chrome, confining themselves to the corner ...
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World War III has finally happened. We won, but the price was too high--the great cities of Europe are dead, and no one wants to claim the survivors. When NATO turns over the wreckage to a supposedly neutral security force, the New Resistance is born... View details

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In the high-tech world of the 21st century, a man open to any offers can make out just fine. Greg Mandel is such a man. Psi-boosted, wired into the latest sensory equipment and armed with state of the art weaponry, he is a veteran of Gulf War II and ... View details

Meteorites fell through the night sky like a gentle sleet of icefire, their sharp scintillations slashing ebony overload streaks across the image Greg Mandel's photon amp was feeding into his optic ne...
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