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Children of Occam (Book 1)

Christian Cantrell

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In a world flooded and irradiated by a nearly forgotten cataclysm generations passed, all that remains of civilization clings to life in two war-torn, city-sized submarines. For fifty years, the only peace between them has come from separation. Now, ... View details

The damp, cramped, cold cockpit pressed in around him, a dormant barrier to the sea beyond. At their dimmest, the backlit buttons on the console before him normally wouldn’t have looked lit at all. Bu...
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A delicate balance exists between humankind on Earth and the Coronians, the descendants of terrestrial scientists who were marooned aboard the space station Equinox. In exchange for raw materials crucial to expanding their off-world home, the Coronia... View details

THE ABILITY TO ASSEMBLE JUST about anything imaginable simply by arranging molecules with atomic precision in predefined patterns had a profound impact on the nature of crime. Like most business endea...
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Deep below Manhattan, tunnel engineer Josh Reed leads his team as they excavate the East Side Access extending New York's railway service. But sparks fly as the drill hits an unusual crystalline material-one Josh has never seen before.

They push on a... View details

His assistant nodded, then looked up and around the enormous rocky, cathedral-like space, which dwarfed the workers coming off shift from the tunnels. 'How long did it take to dig all this out then?' ...
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All's not well at the Wimbly School of Arts Arcana. Rumors swirl of enemies gathering beyond school grounds. Whispers spread that the newest student at Wimbly's may be none other than the Misfit King, a powerful enemy prophesied to destroy the magici... View details

Quinn’s third familycame first by bent manila folder, second by five-minute call, and third by long and quiet drive to the edge of Tupper Lake. Sighing, he slid out the squeaky sedan’s worn leather se...
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Named a 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist

In the year 2090, America has walled itself off from the rest of the world.

While on a routine assignment scouting the country's dwindling natural resources, Patricia "Patch" and her b... View details

The first time I laid eyes on it, I was in awe of its vastness—an iconic monument, stretching to the horizon in either direction. As strong and secure as its sister up north. Ten feet wide by thirty f...
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There are a lot of stories about how the rain started. The thing that always comes to mind first isn’t the how though, it’s the how much. Russell still does the math too: 15, 5,400, and 8,550.

15 inches a day, 5,400 a year, and 8,550 feet since the s... View details

The thing that always comes to mind first isn’t the how though, it’s the how much. Back when they were taking measurements still, according to Russell, the numbers to know were 15 and 5,400. Now he’s ...
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Seven years ago, a chemical spill brought the U.S. Army to rural Penn County, Iowa, where soldiers established a long-term, medically maintained quarantine.

Officially, it's called the PennCo Containment Area. But to the people trapped inside, their ... View details

“Shit.” Ellie Cauley ground her cigarette out on the hallway floor, her leg rattling her shower bucket. She had to be at work in less than half an hour. She could pull her hair back into a ponytail; t...
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"There is nobody who does military SF] better than Marko Kloos. His Frontlines series is a worthy successor to such classics as Starship Troopers, The Forever War, and We All Died at Breakaway Station." -George R. R. Martin

The year is 2108, and the ... View details

The elevator in our wing of the building is out again. I pop the door of the staircase near the elevator, and listen. The stairs are a hangout for the various packs of apprentice hoodlums, who use the...
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In the spirit of Station Eleven and California, award-winning novelist Holly Goddard Jones offers a literary spin on the dystopian genre with this gripping story of survival and humanity about a group of adrenaline junkies who jump "the salt line."

H... View details

It was Day 1 of the three-week training camp, 6:00 a.m. sharp, and Edie sat with Jesse on the gymnasium floor among a circle of sleep-slurred bodies, all of them clad in the regulation black athletic ...
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Award-winning author Benjamin Percy presents an explosive and deeply layered literary thriller set in the American West.

They live among us.

They are our neighbors, our mothers, our lovers.

They change. ... View details

HE CANNOT SLEEP. All night, even with his eyes closed, Patrick Gamble can see the red numbers of the clock as they click forward: 2:00, 3:30, 4:10, now 4:30, but he is up before the alarm can blare. H...
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