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Stranded with a Billionaire

Billionaire Boys Club (Book 1)

Jessica Clare

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The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six men who are incredibly wealthy-but not always so successful when it comes to love…

Real-estate tycoon Hunter Buchanan has a dark past that's left him scarred and living as a recluse on his family's... Read more about Beauty and the Billionaire

But the moment he’d seen the tall redhead standing in the foyer of one of his empty houses, a box of books in her arms and a skeptical look on her face, he’d felt . . . something. She’d been bold and ...


Inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast, a short and sexy interpretation of the classic fairy tale…

For years untold, there has always been a beast in the cursed forest. Every year at the Harvest Festival, a new bride is sent to him...never to... Read more about Beauty in Autumn

The next day, the entire town talks of nothing but the beast, and the upcoming harvest festival. I'm not surprised. It's like this every year for as long as I can remember. My mother says that she has...


What do readers say about Once Upon a Billionaire?

a part of a seriesplot

The wedding of the century sets the stage for an unexpected romance as one repressed royal falls for his assistant in this novel in the Billionaire Boys Club series.

As a member of the royal family in a small European country, Griffin Verdi’s presenc... Read more about Once Upon a Billionaire

“I mean just that,” Kip Rothwell said into the phone, with a hint of the proper ruefulness. “My doctor assures me I won’t be contagious after ten days have passed. He suggested I stay in a hotel until...


What do readers say about The Wrong Billionaire's Bed?

heroine likes one billionaire, but he likes her sisterplot

The Billionaire Boys Club: Six men of astonishing wealth.

But there's one thing money can't buy…

Successful, dependable, and trustworthy-that's Audrey Petty. She'd be the perfect girlfriend for her childhood crush, billionaire Cade Archer…except tha... Read more about The Wrong Billionaire's Bed


***This is a STANDALONE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE*** Aimee's wedding is supposed to turn out perfect. Her dress, her fianc and the location-the idyllic holiday ranch in Brazil-are perfect. But all Aimee's plans come crashing down when the private jet that... Read more about Withering Hope

I lean my head on the leather headrest, closing my eyes as the private jet takes off. The ascent is smooth, but my stomach still tightens the way it always does during take-offs. I keep my eyes closed...


As the captain of a schooner catering to the elite on the Caribbean Seas, Sebastian Stark does his best to avoid any human encounters. Interacting with people isn't his thing, and he prefers the company of a bottle of vodka, a shot glass, and maybe a... Read more about Surviving Raine

My head was pounding, and I was pretty sure the whole room was spinning. Okay, it wasn’t spinning, just rocking. Despite the copious amount of alcohol I’d ingested last night, a rocking room was nor...


In this modern-retelling of "Beauty and the Beast," Savannah Carmichael, betrayed by an unreliable source, returns to her hometown of Danvers, Virginia with her once-promising journalism career in ruins. Given the opportunity to get back in the game ... Read more about The Vixen and the Vet


What do readers say about Tapping the Billionaire?

heart-warming, and hystericalquick quirky readaudible escape1st person

Blind dates? Online dating profiles? Been there, done that.

Georgia Cummings has zero luck with dating, and the era of the internet is not her friend.

No matter how fast she runs, how many corners she turns, she can't find her way out of this ... Read more about Tapping the Billionaire

There were things in life that, once seen, were damn near impossible to forget. A bleach scrub…acid straight to the retinas…three hours of perfect porn GIFs…hell, even a lobotomy wouldn’t remove those...


Damn her. His body was still on fire. Damn her, why had she responded that way? So honestly. With no coyness. No affectation. Her mouth had been so receptive.

Her kisses so generous. Her breasts so soft... Only two survive the small plane crash in th... Read more about Two Alone

Endlessly, it seemed, torn metal had shifted before settling with a groan. The dismembered trees—innocent victims of the crash—had ceased to quiver. Hardly a leaf was stirring now. Everything was frig...


He loved her from afar until Fate tossed them in the ocean...

Genevieve Terrence never imagined an island-hopping flight to Maui would end with her sociopathic boss pointing a gun at her head. Or that she'd wind up stranded on a remote island with n... Read more about Nerd in Shining Armor

Luck could be good or bad. Granny Neville’s luck had been bad when her plane had crashed, killing her dead. But good luck had come out of it when Elvis’s Jockeys had passed to Mama, who had sold them ...

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