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Magic Slays

Kate Daniels (Book 5)

Ilona Andrews

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Now with four original illustrations and added material!

An irresistible compilation of five previously published stories by the bestselling author of the Kate Daniels series; including Kate's very first meeting with Saiman, some related adventures,... View details

The problem with leucrocotta blood is that it stinks to high heaven. It’s also impossible to get off your boots, particularly if the leucrocotta condescended to void its anal glands on you right befor...
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New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands brings the heat in this new Argeneau novel, as one woman is rescued by an irresistible immortal …


When Raffaele Notte pulls a barely dressed, disoriented woman from the ocean, the last th... View details

Jess forced a smile even as she shook her head at the stall owner walking along beside her. The man was moving backward next to her, matching her slow stride and running one hand over the many colorfu...
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Once you sip the Nectar of the gods, there's no going back.Leda Pierce is working as a paranormal bounty hunter on the Frontier, the dividing line between human civilization and the plains of monsters.

Life is simple and the pay modest, but at least ... View details

You knew your life had hit a new low when your sixty-year-old inebriated next-door neighbor offered you a ‘quickie’ behind the bar of the Witch’s Watering Hole. I was still thinking up a diplomatic re...
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"Originally published in hardcover by Amulet Books in 2017"--Title page verso.... View details

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Heather Graham's seductive Civil War trilogy begins with an unlikely Yankee forced to choose between loyalty to the cause and the love of a Southern belle.

The privileged daughter of a Virginia plantation owner, Kiernan Miller can't imagine that her... View details

What Lacey wanted was companionship, Kiernan realized as her plump hostess curled up on the foot of her bed. “There’s something going on in the streets. I woke up and there were people out there!” Lac...
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Ilona Andrews invites you back to the #1 New York Times bestselling Kate Daniels series in this exciting new long novella featuring Kate, Curran and Conlan, some familiar faces, some new friends, and all the special brand of chaos they create!

Kat... View details

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After a whirlwind romance, a man with a painful past learns to trust the musician who makes him believe in happy endings.

Matt Argento knows what it feels like to be alone. After a childhood of abandonment, he never imagined someone might love him-... View details

I shuffled the papers, files, and leaky pens on my desk into a semblance of order, and swept a busted phone charger and an apple core into the garbage, along with the cheesy dollar-store smiley face e...
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From a USA Today bestselling author comes a "heartwarming and emotionally gripping" (Monica McCarty, New York Times bestselling author) Scottish second chance romance about a Highland knight and the wife he left behind.

After years of fighting abro... View details

The four lads exchanged glances, but none took a step toward the door. They were braver than most. Still, she wondered what led them to be crowding her cottage and dripping rain on her floor this part...
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A shy wallflower meets her dream man-or does she?-in the next book in New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James' Wildes of Lindow series.

Miss Viola Astley is so painfully shy that she's horrified by the mere idea of dancing with a stranger; h... View details

She had realized as a child that she had no more in common with His Grace’s offspring than a donkey to a dragon. As her mother, Ophelia, had married the duke when Viola was only two years old, her ear...
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The first book in the new series Desperately Seeking Duke from USA Today bestselling and RITA award-winning author Caroline Linden.

It's no love match…

Bianca Tate is horrified when her sister Cathy is obliged to accept an offer of marriage from Max... View details

It was obvious in the face of the periwigged butler, stiff and disapproving as he ordered Max’s baggage conveyed to a guest room upon his arrival. He discerned it in the weary, jaundiced glance the so...
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