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The Fabulous Clipjoint

Ed & Am Hunter (Book 1)

Fredric Brown

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In ancient Rome, a poor philosopher races to rescue his kidnapped lover before she is abused by the sinister Christian cult

The son of a wealthy Roman family, Marcus gave up the prestige and riches that were his birthright to devote himself to philos... View details

He [Nero] inflicted the most exquisite tortures on this class well hated for their abominable practices and called Christians by the mob. Christus (who gave them their name) was put to death in Tiberi...
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A murder in a crowded Broadway theater presents a full house of suspects-the first in this classic mystery series starring Ellery Queen! Despite the dismal Broadway season, Gunplay continues to draw crowds. A gangland spectacle, it's packed to the gi... View details

DJUNA HAD just cleared the table of the dinner dishes and was serving coffee to the two Queens at six-thirty that evening when the outer doorbell rang. The little man-of-all-work straightened his tie,...
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When the protege of writer Darius Just suddenly turns up murdered at the celebrated annual publishing convention, chaos and suspense sweep the autographing sessions, the buffet tables, the bars, and the famed hospitality suites.

Darius is certain he ... View details

In the particular case in which I was involved, however, we can limit the direct causes to a specific, limited series of events, all of which had to have happened for violent death to have its chance....
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Its April 1944 and Ellery Queen has been working for the military making films in Hollywood. Driving through Death Valley on his way home, his car breaks down.

Stumbling over a rise in the desert, he encounters an odd man who seems to come from an ea... View details

SOMEWHERE SAGEBRUSH WAS BURNING, but on neither side of the road could Ellery see smoke. Once he thought he saw fire. It turned out to be an ocotillo shrub in flaming flower. Either the spring rains h...
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Agatha Christie once again demonstrates her mastery of the short form mystery with Parker Pyne Investigates-short stories of crime and detection featuring Parker Pyne, certainly one of the most unconventional private investigators ever to pursue a ho... View details

As has been said, Mrs. Packington was nervous, but somehow or other, the mere sight of Mr. Parker Pyne brought a feeling of reassurance. He was large, not to say fat; he had a bald head of noble propo...
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Thirty short and short-short stories by the 18th Baron of Dunsany. Edited, introduction, notes and afterword by Lin Carter. "Dunsany's stories are a priceless possession for any lover of fantasy. Like first-rate poetry, they are endlessly readable. T... View details

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An epic rendition of the imperial experience in India, one of Kipling's greatest works

Kim, orphaned son of an Irish soldier and a poor white mother, and the lama, an old ascetic priest, are on a quest. Kim was born and raised in India and plays wit... View details

He sat, in defiance of municipal orders, astride the gun Zam-Zammah on her brick platform opposite the old Ajaib-Gher – the Wonder House, as the natives call the Lahore Museum. Who hold Zam-Zammah, th...
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The first in a three-volume set collecting all of Lord Dunsany's club stories, as told by Jorkens. Long unavailable, and essential reading for all fans of classic fantasy. Introduction by Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night Sha... View details

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It had been a typical New Year's Eve party. But as midnight approaches, Mr. Satterthwaite-a keen observer of human nature-senses that the real drama of the evening is yet to unfold. And so it proves when a mysterious stranger knocks on the door. Who ... View details

Mr. Satterthwaite was glad that the young people had gone to bed. He was not fond of young people in herds. He thought them uninteresting and crude. They lacked subtlety and as life went on he had bec...
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"If you're one of the few who haven't experienced the genius of Agatha Christie, this novel is a stellar starting point." - DAVID BALDACCI, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Ten people, each with something to hide and something to fear, are invit... View details

He went over in his mind all that had appeared in the papers about Soldier Island. There had been its original purchase by an American millionaire who was crazy about yachting—and an account of the lu...
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