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The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl

Billionaires of Manhattan (Book 2)

Annika Martin

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He's a powerful billionaire CEO who built the family business into an empire. The money doesn't matter to him, but the company is his life. And then his eccentric mother wills it all to her tiny dog.**I'm Vicky, the dog whisperer.

(Not really, but th... Read more about Most Eligible Billionaire

I’m smuggling a tiny white dog named Smuckers into a Manhattan hospital to see his owner, Bernadette Locke. Thanks to a standing appointment at a chandelier-draped dog salon on Fifth Avenue owned by a...


A sexy new standalone from USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen. You'd think a billion dollars, a professional hockey team and a six-bedroom mansion on the Promenade would satisfy a guy. You'd be wrong. For seven years Rebecca has brightened my office w... Read more about Brooklynaire

Luckily, the office was just another block away. Her job didn’t often call for heels and a suit, but today she needed to look authoritative. That wasn’t easy when you were five-feet-three-inches tall,...


What do readers say about The Billionaire's Fake Fiancée?

opposites attract romancehilarious to reada private cruiseit’s a must read

I'm no Prince Charming, and the last thing I want is a Cinderella.

My instructions were simple: scour the city for a fake fiancée who's not my type at all. Have her on my jet Monday morning, dressed appropriately for a yacht vacation. I need a woman... Read more about The Billionaire's Fake Fiancée

Amanda looks like she wants to melt into the wall. She tightens her grip on the handle of my rolling salon case, sparkly pink with polished silver hinges and hardware. I’ve been letting her wheel it i...


"My heart is overflowing with happy and blissful feels. My top romcom read of the year!"

~PP's Bookshelf

I may be a shy letter carrier, but when my beloved apartment building is threatened by a mysterious and reclusive billionaire, I'm willing to ... Read more about Return Billionaire to Sender

I tuck a pen into one of the pen-holding slots inside the flap of my bag. I rotate it so that it’s perfectly lined up with the other pens, all nestled in their slots, then I look up and smile, putting...


'Cara Bastone is one of the most talented writers in the romance genre today. With her signature blend of heart, humor, and honesty, Cara's books remind you that the best stories begin and end with hope' Lyssa Kay Adams

The audio bestseller, availab... Read more about Call Me Maybe

“Good, because do you have any idea how long I’ve been listening to that horrible hold music? Three hours and forty-five minutes. I could have watched Titanic in the amount of time I’ve been on hold. ...


Gray doesn't make friends with women. He has sex with them. Until Ivy.

The last thing star tight-end Gray Grayson wants to do is drive his agent's daughter's bubblegum pink car. But he needs the wheels and she's studying abroad. Something he expla... Read more about The Friend Zone

Most people hate the airport. I get that. You’re in a hurry, hauling around luggage, maybe afraid to fly, definitely annoyed by the heinous TSA lines. And yet, for me, there’s an air of excitement to ...


Dominic was staring at me like he couldn't decide whether to chop me into pieces or pull my hair and French kiss me.


I got her fired. Okay, so I'd had a bad day and took it out on a bystander in a pizza shop. But there's nothing innocent ab... Read more about By a Thread

A junior editor chirped in my ear about canary yellow sundresses and Cuban photoshoots while the January wind worked its icy fingers through my layers. I navigated the curb buried under foot-tall pile...


What do readers say about Tapping the Billionaire?

heart-warming, and hystericalquick quirky readaudible escape1st person

Blind dates? Online dating profiles? Been there, done that.

Georgia Cummings has zero luck with dating, and the era of the internet is not her friend.

No matter how fast she runs, how many corners she turns, she can't find her way out of this ... Read more about Tapping the Billionaire

There were things in life that, once seen, were damn near impossible to forget. A bleach scrub…acid straight to the retinas…three hours of perfect porn GIFs…hell, even a lobotomy wouldn’t remove those...


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to formally announce my resignation from Parker International ( & the arrogant, condescending CEO) effective two weeks from today.

This was a VERY EASY decision to make, as the past two years hav... Read more about Two Weeks Notice

In the past, I was beyond ruthless—gutting hotels for the sake of making sure they never competed with my own and buying properties to make sure no one else would, but those days were long gone. Being...


New York Times bestselling author Julie James's debut novel-a dazzling romance about one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars and the woman who refuses to let him capture her heart…

Nothing fazes Taylor Donovan. In the courtroom, she never lets the opp... Read more about Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Later, when Taylor’s secretary did her “research,” she would stumble across Rolling Stone magazine’s June cover interview, which summed up Jason Andrews as: “devilishly good-looking, and a true legend...

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