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Breaking Point

I-Team (Book 5)

Pamela Clare

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Sparks fly when a hardboiled reporter meets a handsome senator. But a political scandal-and attempts on her life-could drive them apart. Or maybe adversity could draw them into a bond even more intense than their steamy sexual embraces.... More details on Extreme Exposure

“Just go up to a guy who turns you on and start talking,” Holly had said before she’d disappeared into the crowd. “Make it clear you want to get laid, and you’ll find yourself on your back in no time....
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The acclaimed author of Striking Distance returns with more danger, intrigue, and I-Team action...

CIA officer Nick Andris wants revenge. His last mission failed after a Georgian arms smuggler killed his lover. He's been tailing a woman for three we... More details on Seduction Game

For almost three weeks, he’d been keeping Holly Elise Bradshaw under round-the-clock surveillance. He’d turned her life inside out, but had found nothing. He’d tapped her cell phone and landline, sift...
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What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink?

Someone wants the Native Americans off their sacred land. And when Navajo journalist Katherine James and park ranger Gabriel Rossiter team up to investigate why, their passion for the truth-a... More details on Naked Edge

KAT SPENT MOST of Sunday at Grandpa Red Crow’s house, helping the other women in the kitchen while men held a talking circle and discussed how to respond to this violation of the people’s rights and h...
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What do readers say about Protecting Fiona?

fantastic series mozart's story brief plotline

Cookie "Hunter" Knox was good at his job, infiltrating behind enemy lines was one of his specialties. His SEAL team relied on him to do his job, just as he relied on them to do theirs. Ever since two of his teammates found a woman that completed them... More details on Protecting Fiona

Cookie walked silently through the jungle, every now and then looking down at the GPS clipped to his LBV, Load Bearing Vest, to make sure he was still heading in the right direction. He could feel the...
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“With a believable plot, an exotic setting, a smart heroine and a sexy hero – Rachel Grant’s Covert Evidence is the definition of fabulous Romantic Suspense.” – New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Toni Anderson Falling in love was never par... More details on Covert Evidence

Ian wished he could claim he saw the fist coming, but he didn’t. He was as shocked by the punch as the man who received it. But then again, like the man who’d been hit, Ian had been distracted by the ...
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Her past is a secret-even to her.

Discovering it will be the most dangerous move of her life.

TV reporter Laura Nilsson, known as the "Baghdad Babe," spent eighteen months in an Al-Qaeda compound after being kidnapped live on the air. Two years later... More details on Striking Distance

SANDWICHED BETWEEN THE two deputy U.S. Marshals—or DUSMs—who’d been assigned to escort her, Laura Nilsson pushed her way through the throng of reporters gathered outside the federal courthouse in Lowe...
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In this thrilling I-Team romance, a journalist and a man on the run follow a dangerous path toward the truth-and unforgettable passion…

Journalist Sophie Alton is investigating the disappearance of a woman named Megan, recently paroled and now runnin... More details on Unlawful Contact

SOPHIE ALTON DROVE through the streets of Denver as quickly as she could in six inches of slick snow. She was running almost twenty minutes late on the one day in her journalistic career when she didn...
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New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose delivers her latest pulse-pounding suspense novel, where the line between the virtual world and everyday reality blurs when it comes to murder.

Eve Wilson's face was once scarred by a vicious assault. Terr... More details on I Can See You

Homicide detective Noah Webster stared up into the wide, lifeless eyes of Martha Brisbane with a sigh that hung in the freezing air, just as she did. Within him was deep sadness, cold rage, and an awf...
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There's a first time for everything.

Lark Wainright used to be fearless. Her life was a series of adventures, each one more exhilarating than the last. But her recent overseas adventure was one too many. Now she's home and in one piece. Mostly. Bu... More details on Keepsake

As the crow flies, Tuxbury, Vermont wasn’t all that far from Boston. But I didn’t make the journey via crow, I made it in my aging Volkswagen Beetle. And in rural Vermont, the roads don’t often go whe...
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"Vivid and charming."-CHARLAINE HARRIS, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series

George is a mystery. Tall. Dark. Intense.

And she'll need him by her side if she wants to survive.

George Holloway has spent his life alone,... More details on Gone Too Deep

Ellie almost didn’t take the call. If her date hadn’t been so completely, utterly, and excruciatingly boring, she would’ve let it go to voice mail. But thanks to Dylan’s never-ending monologue about h...
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