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Your Dad Will Do

A Touch of Taboo (Book 1)

Katee Robert

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What do readers say about Gifting Me To His Best Friend?

hot hot hot quick and smutty a short novella married couple fantasy

This Christmas, my husband is going with an unconventional gift for his best friend. Me. It's only supposed to be for one night… But one night becomes two, becomes our entire vacation. There are no rules except the ones we make, and sharing me brings... More details on Gifting Me To His Best Friend

We’re vacationing with Derek for the holidays, just like we do every year. A tradition that I inherited with my marriage to Grayson. Every time Christmas rolls around, it’s an additional a complicatio...
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For years, he was a part of my life. I watched him rush to the hospital countless times, his beautiful surgeon hands racing to save lives. After all this time, I can't escape the truth. I want Dr. Lowe. Lust chokes each moment we're together. He prom... More details on The Doctor

NASHVILLE IN THE SUMMER wasn’t for the faint of heart—the heat and humidity were oppressive. Preston had invited our friends over to hang out by his dad’s pool, and when we ran out of beer in the cool...
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On the night my parents die, I meet a sexy stranger who tells me he's my new guardian. Before I can as much as blink, he ships me off to boarding school and then ignores me for three years…until he shows up on my nineteenth birthday to save me from m... More details on Seducing My Guardian

I used to be a good girl. The apple of my parents’ eyes, their precious daughter who could do no wrong and only wanted to make them happy. The overachiever who got good grades, always did extra credit...
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From New York Times Bestselling author Penelope Douglas comes a new forbidden love story...JORDANHe took me in when I had nowhere else to go.He doesn't use me, hurt me, or forget about me. He doesn't treat me like I'm nothing, take me for granted, or... More details on Birthday Girl

Unease pricks at the back of my neck. If he’s not answering, then he’s either asleep or out. Both could mean he’ll remember me after it’s too late. He’s not always unreliable, but this wouldn’t be the...
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He calls me perfect.

His flawless pet.

His good girl.

Broken down, and wounded by my emotionally neglectful ex, I wanted someone to tell me I was good enough. ... More details on Praise

“So, I had a fistful of her hair in my hand, and we were both in the moment when I looked her right in the eye and said, ‘Suck my cock like a good little girl.’ The next thing I knew, she reared back ...
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Just because Kate 'Middleton' McGrath, wants a man to call 'daddy' in bed doesn't mean-

Oh, you stopped reading. Cool.

Kate gets it. Kinks aren't for everyone. Hell, they're probably not for Mr. Henderson, her grumpaholic boss. She really shouldn't... More details on Act Your Age

The pub was almost empty. Gone were the families, older couples, and tourists, all that remained were the degenerates who wanted to get off their heads on a Wednesday night: uni students, labourers, a...
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There are many rules a priest can't break. A priest cannot marry. A priest cannot abandon his flock. A priest cannot forsake his God.

I've always been good at following rules.

Until she came. Then I learned new rules.

My name is Tyler Anselm Bell.... More details on Priest

It’s no secret that reconciliation is the least popular sacrament. I had many theories as to why: pride, inconvenience, loss of spiritual autonomy. But my prevailing theory at the moment was this fuck...
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I never wanted to need him.

But when my boyfriend cheats on me, I decide to get a little revenge...by sleeping with his father.

Tyler, Mr. Phillips. The silver fox that fills my fantasies and has been off limits… until now. Our one night together ... More details on Daddy's Angel

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Frederic d’Estang: performer, professional villain and my youthful crush. Graduate student Evie Bell spends her days ghostwriting memoirs and her nights playing out her most intimate sexual fantasies by penning fan fiction.

When a famous stage actor ... More details on Soft Limits

I’m not paying attention when it happens. The laneway is deep with silence and noonday shadows, and there’s a fresh breeze blowing. My eyes are following tiny birds as they hop among the cow parsley a...
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I want him to be my first.

I want him to be the one.

I want him to be my everything.

I didn't expect to spend my eighteenth birthday stranded in the pouring rain with no way to make it home. ... More details on Call Me Daddy

I wasn’t planning on being out this late, eighteenth birthday or not. I’m dressed for a quick coffee on a cloudy afternoon, not for clubbing through a stormy evening – leggings and a strappy cami unde...
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