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The Yard

Scotland Yard's Murder Squad (Book 1)

Alex Grecian

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What do readers say about The Devil's Workshop?

how good

Scotland Yard's Murder Squad faces the most shocking case of its existence, in the extraordinary new historical thriller from the author of the acclaimed national bestseller The Yard.

London, 1890: Four vicious murderers have escaped from prison, par... More details on The Devil's Workshop

Two men stood waiting beside three horses in the dark at the side of the railroad tracks. One of the men, the shorter one, moved nervously from foot to foot and blew into his cupped fists, despite the...
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A brilliant historical mystery series begins: in gaslit Victorian London, writer Thomas De Quincey must become a detective to clear his own name.

Thomas De Quincey, infamous for his memoir Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, is the major suspect... More details on Murder as a Fine Art

Something more goes to the composition of a fine murder than two blockheads to kill and be killed, a knife, a purse, and a dark lane. Design, grouping, light and shade, poetry, and sentiment are indis...
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A page-turning late-Victorian mystery by a master, The Glass of Time is for fans of The Meaning of Night and for readers new to Michael Cox alike. Picking up the lives of characters from the first novel some twenty years later, The Glass of Time begi... More details on The Glass of Time

When you read this, my first Letter of Instruction, you will have commenced yr new life at Evenwood. I can easily picture to myself how you must be feeling – alone, so far removed from everything that...
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"few writers blend mystery and the supernatural as well as Sarah Pinborough, but there are none who do it better. Quite, quite brilliant." -John Connolly, bestselling author of the Charlie Parker series

In this gripping sequel to the acclaimed Mayhe... More details on Murder

Carl Feigenbaum, who was executed in the electric chair at New York, has left a confession with his lawyer, from which it seems possible that he may be no other than jack the Ripper. The account of th...
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What do readers say about The Murder of Harriet Monckton?

based on real events it's a little plodding fictional account historische thriller

The Murder of Harriet Monckton is based on an unsolved true crime. On 7th November 1843, 23 year-old Harriet Monckton is found murdered in the privy behind the dissenting chapel she regularly attended in Bromley, Kent. The townsfolk are appalled by h... More details on The Murder of Harriet Monckton

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What do readers say about A Swollen Red Sun?

me successfully finding a good hick-lit book

"Rough and ready suspense, encompassing a wide array of characters from the sour side of life" from the author of Frank Sinatra in a Blender (Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter's Bone). In Gasconade County, Missouri-once called the meth capital of the... More details on A Swollen Red Sun

The sun went down behind the mobile home like a burst of egg yolk that dripped from the sky and consumed the trees. Sycamores on the river cast long shadows in the burnt auburn hue, and golden shafts ...
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A lightning-paced stand-alone thriller from bestselling author James Patterson

No. 7 Ocean Drive is a multimillion-dollar beachfront house in the Hamptons, but its beautiful exterior hides a horrific past. This house was the setting for a series of d... More details on The Murder House

NOAH WALKER stands carefully on the roof of his house, takes a moment to ensure his balance, and removes the Yankees cap from his head to wipe the sweat off his brow under the scorching early-June sun...
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Winner of the American Mystery Award for Best Novel of Romantic Suspense, and the Romantic Times Award for Best Historical Mystery

Miss Irene Adler, the beautiful American opera singer who once outwitted Sherlock Holmes, is also a superb detective, a... More details on Good Night, Mr. Holmes

By night, when gaslights glitter through the fog and the cobblestones gleam like bootblack, London seems a landscape glimpsed in some Arabian Nights tale. By day the effect is more commonplace, as the...
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Clare Clark's critically acclaimed The Great Stink "reeks of talent" (The Washington Post Book World) as it vividly brings to life the dark and mysterious underworld of Victorian London. Set in 1855, it tells the story of William May, an engineer who... More details on The Great Stink

Where the channel snaked to the right it was no longer possible to stand upright, despite the abrupt drop in the gradient. The crown of William's hat grazed the slimed roof as he stooped, holding his ...
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This first book in the Investigator Yashim series is a richly entertaining tale, full of exotic history and intrigue, introduces Investigator Yashim: In 1830s Istanbul, an extra-ordinary hero tackles an extrao... More details on The Janissary Tree

Asleep or awake, the sultan was the Commander of the Faithful, and chief of the Ottoman armed forces; but it was many years since he had unfurled the standard of the prophet and put himself at the hea...
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