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Dawn of Empire

Eskkar Saga (Book 1)

Sam Barone

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At the sun-drenched dawn of human history, in the great plain between the two great rivers, are the cities of men. And each city is ruled by its god. But the god of the city of Gibil is lazy and has let the men of his city develop the habit of thinki... View details

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Set in prehistoric Siberia, a “psychologically acute and soaringly imaginative” novel by a New York Times–bestselling author (Publishers Weekly). In this novel by the author of Reindeer Moon, set in the Paleolithic age, Kori lives among his hunter-ga... View details

MY FATHER was named for a bird—the swift—because he was born in winter, when the Bear wants us named for animals. I must have been born in some other season, because my name is ordinary—Kori. I was ve...
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When Uriah Tarhund's Hititte home is destroyed by invading Greeks, his dying father tells him to go seek a Canaanite named Sisera. "He will help you. For my sake...." When Uriah reaches Judea and saves a young boy from being sacrificed to Molech, he ... View details

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80,000 years ago, during the Ice Age in Paleolithic Europe, after a savage atack by a rival tribe, the people of Ulam are left without the flaming branch from the fire that the tribe keeps perpetually burning.

Without knowledge of how to egnite fire ... View details

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1066 - Senlac Ridge, England. William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy, defeats Harold Godwinson, King Harold II of England, in what will become known as the Battle of Hastings.

The battle is hard fought and bloody, the lives of thousands have been spen... View details

The hour was growing late but the rapidly descending sun was still strong and the heat of a hot summer’s day had yet to subside. The undulating hills of Greece’s western Peloponnese gave little hint o...
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An extraordinary historical epic of love and war in ancient Assyria during a time of dreadful omens, tortures, invasions, and a bloody civil war, from the bestselling author of Chain Reaction.... View details

At night outside my sleeping chamber the windmoans in the trees. The great firs, as old as the foundations ofthe world, high above us their needled branches are pulled about bystorms that rise as the ...
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In a new and major novel, the creator of fantastic universes o vampires and witches takes us now into the world of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and the destruction of Solomon's Temple, to tell the story of Azriel, Servant of the Bones.

He is ghost, genii, de... View details

I didn’t remember Jerusalem,” he said. “I wasn’t born there. My mother was carried off as a child by Nebuchadnezzar along with our whole family, and our tribe, and I was born a Hebrew in Babylon, in ...
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From the author of The Bear, the enthralling story of two women separated by millennia, but linked by an epic journey that will transform them both.

Forty thousand years in the past, the last family of Neanderthals roams the earth. After a crushing... View details

It was the warmth that Girl would remember. The night, the specific one she often thought about later, the one that turned out to be among the last they had together, had been filled with warmth. Spri...
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“A whole culture is imaginatively and authoritatively illuminated” in this “suspenseful, insightful, poignant” novel of prehistoric times (Publishers Weekly).

Twenty thousand years ago, a courageous girl lived in Siberia near Woman Lake, a place you ... View details

THE NAME OF THE SPIRIT who ate our burned bearfat was Marmot. He was Graylag’s brother and Ina’s first husband in life. At the time of his death Teal captured his spirit in a shaman’s net made with po...
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A thrilling retelling of the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh from the Hugo and Nebula Award-Winning author of Lord Valentine's Castle.

Gilgamesh's appetite for wine, women, and warfare is insatiable. As the King of Uruk, he oppresses his people and burde... View details

THERE IS IN URUK THE city a great platform of kiln-baked brick that was the playing field of the gods, long before the Flood, in that time when mankind had not yet been created and they alone inhabite...
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