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The Burning

Maeve Kerrigan (Book 1)

Jane Casey

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The first entry in the acclaimed Ruth Galloway series follows the "captivating"* archaeologist as she investigates a child's bones found on a nearby beach, thought to be the remains of a little girl who went missing ten years before.

Forensic archeol... Read more about The Crossing Places

Waking is like rising from the dead. The slow climb out of sleep, shapes appearing out of blackness, the alarm clock ringing like the last trump. Ruth flings out an arm and sends the alarm crashing to...


The gripping new thriller from the Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author, shortlisted for the Irish Crime Book Awards 2020


Everyone's heard the rumours about elite gentlemen's clubs, where the champagne flows freely, the parties are outr... Read more about The Cutting Place


The first book in Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie Mysteries series, called "The best mystery of the decade" by Stephen King, finds private investigator Jackson Brodie following three seemingly unconnected family mysteries in Edinburg.

Case one: A li... Read more about Case Histories

How lucky were they? A heat wave in the middle of the school holidays, exactly where it belonged. Every morning the sun was up long before they were, making a mockery of the flimsy summer curtains tha...


Late one night after interviewing a witness, Lacey Flint, a young detective constable, stumbles onto a woman brutally stabbed just moments before. Within twenty-four hours, a reporter receives an anonymous letter pointing out alarming similarities be... Read more about Now You See Me

Somehow managing to stand upright, arms outstretched, fingers grasping the rim of the passenger door, a dead woman was spewing blood over the car’s paintwork, each spatter overlaying the last as the p...


What do readers say about The Whole World?

the most unique and special person

From the author of Look For Her

"Emily Winslow is a precise and expert analyst of the darkest parts of the human psyche."

- Sophie Hannah, New York Times bestselling author of Closed Casket

Set in the richly evoked pathways and environs of Cambri... Read more about The Whole World

That whole thing in Nick’s office happened just around what would have been Thanksgiving. Home was, no doubt, drenched in crackling, flashy leaves. England does the season differently. Students at Cam...


The Sunday Times bestseller and winner of the Irish Independent crime fiction book of the year!


A year ago, Leo Stone was convicted of murdering two women and sentenced to life in prison. Now he's been freed on a technicality, and he's prote... Read more about Cruel Acts

The house was dark. PC Sandra West stared up at it and sighed. The neighbours had called the police – she checked her watch – getting on for an hour earlier, to complain about the noise. What noise, t...


What do readers say about Now You See Me?

crime thriller/murder mystery

Now You See Me is the first in the Lacey Flint series, followed by 2012's Dead Scared and 2013's Lost. "Bolton is changing the face of crime fiction—if you only read one crime novel this year, make it this." —Tess Gerritsen on Now You See Me "Really ... Read more about Now You See Me

Somehow managing to stand upright, arms outstretched, fingers grasping the rim of the passenger door, a dead woman was spewing blood over the car’s paintwork, each spatter overlaying the last as the p...


Published under a pseudonym, J. K. Rowling's brilliant debut mystery introduces Detective Cormoran Strike as he investigates a supermodel's suicide in "one of the best books of the year" (USA Today), the first novel in the brilliant series that inspi... Read more about The Cuckoo's Calling

THOUGH ROBIN ELLACOTT’S TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of life had seen their moments of drama and incident, she had never before woken up in the certain knowledge that she would remember the coming day for as lon...


"The thing i like to read the most are mysteries/thrillers and this is one of THE BEST I HAVE EVER READ." -Samantha Irby, New York Times bestselling author of We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

"Opening this book is like arming a bomb-the suspense is ... Read more about Two Girls Down

Jamie Brandt was not a bad mother. Later she would tell that to anyone who would listen: police, reporters, lawyers, her parents, her boyfriend, her dealer, the new bartender with the knuckle tattoos ...


'The most exciting crime writer to have emerged in Britain for years' Ian Rankin


When psychiatric patient Maureen O'Donnell finds her boyfriend dead in her living room, she is thrown into a difficult situation. Glasgow... Read more about Garnethill

Maureen dried her eyes impatiently, lit a cigarette, walked over to the bedroom window, and threw open the heavy red curtains. Her flat was at the top of Garnethill, the highest hill in Glasgow, and t...

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