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The Descent

Descent (Book 1)

Jeff Long

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New York Times bestselling author of The Reckoning takes readers on an intense and imaginative tour de force in this follow up horror novel to The Descent that plunges in the depths of Earth to a Hell that is real, geological, and savagely inhabited ... View details

As he stole from bed, naked, the cave dust in his old wounds and tattoos flickered like lightning. He paused at the door to listen. Ali was seven months pregnant and seemed to have found all the sleep...
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A rogue archaeologist is trapped in a Grand Canyon cave as a conspiracy theory comes to life in this "take no prisoners" survival thriller that puts our hero up against impossible odds (Preston & Child).

Not all secrets are meant to be found.

Nolan... View details

It took six hours to get to the Grand Canyon from LA despite the fact that Ken drives like a crazy person, and by the time we arrived at the hotel it was late afternoon and everyone was very hot and e...
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Deep below a desolate Utah mountain lies the largest platinum deposit ever discovered. A billion-dollar find, it waits for any company that can drill a world's record, three-mile-deep mine shaft.

EarthCore is the company with the technology, the res... View details

Sonny McGuiness checked the time on his cell phone. Goddammit — he’d spent thirty minutes now, sitting at a corner table, staring angrily at the long-haired Indian sitting across from him. The bar was...
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Bram Stoker Award Winner for Superior Achievement in a Novel

"An extremely gripping story, with echoes of John Carpenter's The Thing...It's a creepy, chilling book." -Scott Smith, New York Times bestselling author of The Ruins and A Simple Plan

"Par... View details

Feyiz froze, breath catching in his throat as he put his hands out to steady himself, waiting for the tremor to end. Instead it worsened. His clients shouted at him in German, a language he did not sp...
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Bram Stoker Award nominee for Best First Novel!

"This claustrophobic, horror-leaning tour de force is highly recommended for fans of Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation and Andy Weir's The Martian." - Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A thrilling, atmo... View details

Gyre wriggled her armored body another centimeter into the crevice, then eased her bag of gear after her. The plating on the back of her calf scraped over the stone, and she winced at the noise. Nobod...
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Revisit the remarkable debut novel that launched the career of New York Times bestselling author James Rollins.

The Earth's last mystery is about to be revealed…The world beneath the world is waiting.

Beneath the ice at the bottom of the Earth is a ... View details

Ashley Carter knocked trail dirt from her boots before climbing into her rusted Chevy pickup. She threw her dusty cowboy hat on the seat next to her and swiped a handkerchief across her brow. Leaning ...
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The search for diamonds, a crucial scientific breakthrough and a mythical ruined city set off this adventure into the heart of the Congolese jungle.

The American expedition is led by Karen Ross, desperate to find her husband and recover the data he f... View details

TEN THOUSAND MILES AWAY, IN THE COLD, Windowless main data room of Earth Resources Technology Services, Inc., of Houston, Karen Ross sat hunched over a mug of coffee in front of a computer terminal, r...
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Eerie, terrifying, and unputdownable, The Ruins is Scott Smith's first novel since his acclaimed debut A Simple Plan earned rave reviews and stormed bestseller lists.

The Ruins foll... View details

I want to thank my wife, Elizabeth Hill, my editor, Victoria Wilson, and my agents, Gail Hochman and Lynn Pleshette, for their very generous assistance in the completion of this book. The following pe...
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A cutting-edge thriller about one man's quest to discover horror lurking at the top of the world.

Desperate to attract subscribers to his fledgling website, 'Journey to the Dark Side', ex-adrenalin junkie and slacker Simon Newman hires someone to g... View details

I met the man who would save my life twice–and ultimately destroy it–on a potholed road in the arse-end of the Welsh countryside. He was sitting on a kitbag at the side of the lane, a trio of crushed ...
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Sam and his friends are like any normal gang of normal young boys. Roaming wild around the outskirts of their car-factory town. Daring adults to challenge their freedom.

Until the day Sam wakes to find the Tooth Fairy sitting on the edge of his bed. ... View details

Clive was on the far side of the green pond, torturing a king-crested newt. Sam and Terry languished under a vast oak, offering their chubby white feet to the dark water. The sprawling oak leaned out ...
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