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Jonathan Harris
Did Not Like
historical fiction, court intrigue, history

I so wanted to like this book. Numerous friends had read it and had urged me to do so. In any case, since much of what I knew about the court of Henry VIII was based on watching TV programmes and films such as A Man for All Seasons, I was especially intrigued by the idea of Thomas Cromwell as a sympathetic figure and Thomas More as a rather repulsive one. So I started reading with high hopes. But it just did not work for me. That was not because I regard Hilary Mantel as anything less than a great novelist and historian. She fully deserved the accolades. The problem was me: I just could not get on with the present-tense narrative. My loss ...

Wolf Hall
Hilary Mantel
9/30/2023 12:31:00 PM

The most powerful life changing book I've ever read. I didn't realize how much power I had given up in my life until I read this book and got it all back.

Glennon Doyle
9/27/2023 3:50:25 AM
humor, romance suspense, mafia romance...More

Ohhh God what did I just read!

Extremely Underrated book.

It's so amazing, the chemistry between characters the humour it was balanced and I just can't get over it. And it keeps you hooked till the last, every conversation between them is strikingly interesting and beautiful. They are so freaking cute too.

Ugh!!what are you doing here just go and read ,you don't know

you should have read this book already.

PS:No cheating. He's the greenest flag ever

Sinners Consumed
Somme Sketcher
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9/25/2023 9:14:44 PM
Loved It
Cozy, Fall, small town romance

I was in the mood for a cozy, witchy fall read, and this was perfect! I loved the autumnal setting and it was a light, quick read.

The Ex Hex
Erin Sterling
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9/25/2023 9:14:37 PM
Sonee Singh
inspirational, contemporary books, poetry...More

I enjoyed his journey of self-discovery and self-love, and I could relate to it in a way that made me want to embark on my own journey of self-discovery.

yung pueblo
9/23/2023 10:13:23 AM
Sonee Singh
inspirational, thought provoking, contemporary books...More

This book made me fall in love with poetry. I liked that the poems were personal, yet they were relatable and carried a sense of empowerment.

Milk and Honey
Rupi Kaur
9/23/2023 10:05:16 AM
personal narrative, unreliable narrators, historical fiction

Published in 1934, this was one of the first novels where a historical personality tells their own story. In this case, it is the Roman emperor Claudius (reigned 41-54 CE) describing how he survived the reigns of Augustus, Tiberius and Caligula when most of his friends and relatives met untimely ends. There is a sequel, Claudius the God, in which he tells the story of his own reign. I was 17 when I first read it and I was completely blown away by it: the characters of Tiberius and Caligula are riveting. I still like it now but I am more critical. Graves based the story very closely on the works of Roman historians such as Suetonius and Tacitus which makes for factual accuracy. But this is a novel so he could easily have left out some episodes (there are times when it gets slightly tedious) and perhaps used more imagination to fill out place and character. One odd feature is that Herod Agrippa was supposedly a close childhood friend of Claudius but he does not appear in I Claudius at all. He is only introduced in Claudius the God, necessitating a long backstory. Perhaps most important of all, there is no way of discerning where Claudius might be misleading in his version of events. We only have his narrative and his enemies and victims would doubtless have had a very different perspective.

I, Claudius
Robert Graves
9/22/2023 9:26:32 AM
Anna Moore
fantasy, world building, slow burn

Incredible read in a new world that wants to be discovered. The worldbuilding is superb, the characters morally grey but convincing. Despite being on the darker side, there are also a lot of humoerous moments that lighten up the mood.

A Darker Shade of Magic
V.E. Schwab
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9/20/2023 12:27:31 PM
Liked It
pro-environmental, healthy food choices, vegabusn

Comfort food choices can be compatible with Dietary food choices that promote health and nutrition advantages, as well as taste preferences. In my book, all food choices are presented, from meat and dairy entrees to vegetarian and vegan selections. The difference is the theme of "Dietary Decisions" emphasizes the importance of how different types of food entrees either work for or against the environment and, therefore, most food choices do not promote the environment. Only vegetarian and vegan selections abet the environment at all levels, and, in particular, do not destroy farm animals that are destroyed by the billions (annually, globally). Feedlots and waste are entirely ruinous, again, at all environmental levels.

Comfort Food
Kitty Thomas
9/19/2023 3:10:42 PM
contemporary romance, literary fiction, romance

Stunning! Every page will captivate you and have you wanting more. Romance that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Things We Never Got Over
Lucy Score
9/19/2023 12:45:09 AM
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