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Liked It
world building, life changing, self help

I wish the readers of this book will get new Light in their hearts.

I have strong respect for the humanity of the author.

3/22/2023 7:40:36 AM
Liked It
3/22/2023 4:44:59 AM
page turner, minority authors, fantasy...More

If you love mysteries, historical fiction, and fantasy, then you'll love Nicole Glover's 2021 novel The Conductors.

Featuring one of the most compelling duos in fiction, Hetty and Benjy, The Conductors takes place in Philadelphia's Seventh Ward during the Reconstruction Era, when Hetty and Benjy, former conductors for the Underground Railroad, use astrologically-divined magic to solve several murders in their community. While the mystery drags a bit (though there's plenty of action that keeps it interesting), Glover's world-building and the burgeoning love story of two of the most fascinatingly pragmatic characters ever written is what gives this story its real drive. You'll fall in love with Hetty and Benjy and the black community in Philadelphia during the Reconstruction.

3/22/2023 4:11:39 AM
Loved It
3/22/2023 3:37:06 AM
3/21/2023 11:26:34 PM
3/21/2023 10:17:28 PM
3/21/2023 10:14:39 PM
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