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Loved It

Best anti-war book ever published -loved Heller's scathing wit and humor. Very few anti-war books have the right mix of humor and seriousness to really drive home the message.

Loved It

The most well known of Vonnegut's works, although not necessarily the greatest in my view.

Beautiful , engaging writing mixed with elements of science fiction, time travel and World War II.

Loved It

A great book, if not the greatest I've ever read. It's a huge time commitment, but the breadth of the plot and the depth of the characters make it worth it.

Loved It

I like reading fiction that is based on World War II -really loved it.

Loved It

Wow. Like, wow. This book was given to me as a gift. It is just stunning from the first to the last phrase. I know I'll get even more out of it on a second go through.

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