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Loved It

An enlightening story of racial conflict and the heroic Atticus Finch. A rape case that rocks a southern family and town during the Great Depression.

Loved It

Really sweet story! It's clear from the start that Huck Finn is a unique young man. The story's tempo fluctuates; it slows down and then speeds up again. It's a truly great book and I can now see why it remains popular even today.


The Great American Novel. I read (and re-read) it slowly, limiting myself to a few pages at a time just so I could fully savor the prose.

Liked It

I liked this book and it kept me reading, but the story didn't really move me until the very end. A good story, but rather predictable. The prose was just average.

Loved It

It took me over two months to read the book from start to end. When compared to other books I've read, this one stands out because of its out-of-the-ordinary characters and the constant occurrence of supernatural/magical happenings. It's essentially a story about a family. It was a pleasure to read this.

Loved It

Actually, I rather enjoyed it. It took me a little while to get acclimated to the writing style, but once I did, I enjoyed the book very much.

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