The cloud who was afraid of heights

Clinton J. Evans


A small cloud, afraid of heights, goes on a journey where he makes new friends and learns to overcome his fears, finally and soar above the mountains.

along the way he meets, Ants and field mice. Leaping frogs and tree climbing cats. Wise old owls and fearsome eagles. All the time becoming more confident in himself and his surroundings.

“The cloud who was afraid of heights” is a heartwarming bedtime story perfect for children aged between 5 and 8, or key one to key stage three.

About the Author:

Now 64 and retired. The hardest part of my day is keeping Budd, my chocolate Labrador fed and exercised. I’ve been a CNC programmer, project engineer, CAD designer and a qualified Electrician.


He found the Cat sitting in the branches of the big oak tree, which stood proudly next to the huge hay barn.

“Excuse me Miss Cat,” called the Cloud.

“Eh?” replied the Cat, who nearly fell out of the branches on hearing a voice.

“Down here,” called the Cloud. “Can you help me please?”

“Eh?” the Cat repeated “I can’t hear you, come closer if you want to chat.”

The Cloud drifted up to the branch on which the Cat was seated.

 “Meeeehooow can I help you?” siled the cat.

“A friendly Frog suggested I should come and see you.”

“You see I’m afraid of heights, and he said as you do a lot of jumping and climbing, you might be able to give me some advice.”

The Cat ran a paw through her whiskers as she considered the Cloud’s predicament. “A Cloud that is afraid of heights, that is a strange one indeed. The problem is,” she continued, “I always land when I jump, and I don’t like to go much higher than these tree branches.”

She thought for a while then said, “You need someone who stays in the air for as long as they want. It’s called flying you see, and there is a wise old Owl who lives in that barn. He may be able to help you with your problem, he’s always whizzing around the fields and trees.”

“Follow me,” purred the cat, excitedly, jumping nimbly up the branches towards a little window right at the top of the barn.

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 35