Perchance to Dream

Tamara Belko

young adult realistic, made me cry, second chance, grief and loss, Poetry


 The sudden and tragic death of her mother has transformed sixteen-year-old Grace, leaving her broken and longing for the days when her mother held their family together. Grace’s own near drowning accident has taken the life of the kind stranger who tried to save her. With her mother no longer there for Grace to turn to, her relationship with her father, a washed-up musician, becomes strained. Grace finds solace and remedy from the numbness in sharp edges and shiny points.

A move to a new town brings a new start, new love, and hope when she meets Xander, a high school musician who brings music back into her and her father’s broken lives. But when Xander’s past emerges, Grace realizes some secrets shouldn’t be kept and maybe music won’t be enough to save them. 

Trigger Warning: Self Harm

About the Author:

Tamara Belko is a reader, teacher and author of the new young adult novel, Perchance to Dream. As a middle school English teacher and Power of the Pen writing coach, Tamara has spent her teaching career sharing her love of reading, writing and poetry with her students. She has a B.A. from Hiram College and a M. Ed from Ashland University.

Tamara resides in Northeast, Ohio. When she isn’t absorbed in reading young adult literature or writing, she can be found listening to music with her family, enjoying a walk or hike.



After My Watery Death & Deliverance

Our move was swift.

We packed our dust-covered instruments, 

wrapped newspaper around dusty photos, 

tucked mom’s wishing stones, smooth and 

unblemished into our pockets.

Our old lives packed into

cardboard boxes, we climbed 

into a twenty-five dollar U-Haul 

and drove five miles away from the Lake.

For dad the move was a feeble attempt

to grasp a memory of a time long 

before, when he and mom were not rooted, 

where he and mom drifted on a whim

finding music wherever they landed.

For me, it was shedding 

the skin of sorrow in the layer of life.

Dad said this move would be a fresh start

“We will figure it out as we go, Gracie.”


So … we left the algae ridden-lake,

tried to leave our pain behind.

Some pain you can’t escape.

We didn’t run far enough

in our desperate flight.

One town over is hardly escape. 

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Format : ebook

Page Count : 278