Echols From The Grave

Alicia Ford


Life is full of twists and turns, and oftentimes we find ourselves in situations that we did not plan, could not imagine, or deal with conditions that we could not control Echols From the Grave, takes you on a life journey filled with difficulties, undetermined outcomes, and introduce suspense that is eventually met triumph. Alicia Ford leverages the Echols family's story in a very masterful way by walking the reader through four decades of her American adventure. This book will have you laughing and crying as you turn every page. This saga allows you to reflect and appreciate your family in a more meaningful way, as you learn what hard work, struggle, and overcoming really look like. You will find yourself saying yes to Echols from The Grave. Echols From The Grave is a love story complete with all the trappings of sex, violence, discrimination, learning to deal with frustrations, and family.. Rarely will you find a book that deliberately takes the reader on a rollercoaster highs, and the deepest valley lows. Never Apologize... It's Poetical Profound and deeply moving. It is filled with pain, struggle, reality, deception, naivety, brokenness, Overwhelming Joy, and Surprise You will find yourself reading it over and over Alicia Ford is a wife, mother of seven, and a grandmother and a sister to 18 siblings. Before writing career, Ford worked for the Solano County Office of Education as a drug and alcohol prevention coordinator.

About the Author:

Alicia Ford is a wife, mother of seven wonderful children (two sons and five daughters), a grandmother, and a sister to 18 siblings. She lives in Southern California with her amazing husband of 30 years, Bobby Ford.

Before her writing career, Alicia worked in the field of education, starting as a yard duty aide in the classroom. After that, she worked for the Solano County Office of Education as a drug and alcohol prevention coordinator, a grant writer, and a program coordinator. This allowed her to work alongside amazing organizations such as The Bakersfield Junior League 

The Omega Boys and Girls Club Vallejo CA, MADD, Domestic Violence Organization, Habitat for Humanities, NAACP,  Usher Board, Communion Board, and Prayer Board. 

She is an activist and a humanitarian, volunteering her time, energy, and resources to do her part and make a difference. Big or small, she is always striving for humanity to have a seat at the table.


I visited Ms. Echols’  grave many times, always finding myself admiring the artwork and craftsmanship of her headstone, the inlay with a tree,  the ocean, a sunset, and the chestnuts that bordered the headstone. It was a thing of beauty.

After years of visiting, I finally saw the words that were engraved on the headstone. Given how often I went to visit, that may sound hard to believe but, up until that day, I never got past how peaceful the headstone looked. 

The epitaph on Ms. Echols’ headstone reads: 

Ms. Echols


By Now The Angels  Have Told Her 

Why It Was Her Turn 

And We All Must Die

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Format : hardcover

Page Count : 118