Juno’s Journey

A W Marshall

life changing, page turner, novellas


Do you trust your dog sitter? This is a story based on true events when my dog went missing from my dog sitter for 10 days. She was found at deaths door with only a limited time to get help from the vets. Will she ever get back to her usual self?

About the Author:

A W Marshall was born in Somerset, now living in Wales. He began writing in 2020 during the pandemic, whilst working on the frontline. Juno’s Journey is his first published novel and is hoping to release more work in the future. He is an aspiring author hoping to create work that everyone can find an interest in and enjoy.


Do you trust your dog sitter?

Every dog owner hopes that when their dog is being looked after by a dog sitter, they are being looked after properly, and with love and care, as if they were their own dog.

Even if you believe you have found a trustworthy and reliable dog sitter, and even if you don’t think the unimaginable will ever happen to you… it can. Believe me, I know.

This is exactly what happened to my poor lurcher Juno when she escaped from her dog sitter and ended up going missing for 10 days.

She was eventually found on the railway tracks at death’s door, barely even conscious and with just hours to live if she didn’t get the right treatment straightaway.

This is a story of pain and fear, but is also a story of hope and survival - and of how the amazing people in your community can rally around and support you when you need help the most.

So be careful whom you trust to look after your beloved dogs; you never know what could happen.

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Format : ebook

Page Count : 126