For the Love of Sonya Lorent

Laura Walker

second chance romance, young adult realistic, light romance, contemporary romance, older hero younger heroine


Heir to a fancy estate + misplaced orphan struggling to fit in = lots of romantic suspense, plenty of drama and role play.

Escaping the dreary orphanage in Oxford, alongside her friends and former inmates, Sonya Lorent arrives at the grand estate of Covington Park on the fringes of the city. She meets her patron, Lady Athenia du Carphage and her lonely, heavy drinking nephew, Olly Russeau.

Sonya soon learns she has an unlikely interest in Olly, but she can't quite put her finger on the reason why. She finds out about Olly's dream to work in antiques. Things take a turn for the worse when Olly becomes depressed after Sonya tells his aunt about his plans to sell some paintings in her possession. He attempts to take his own life.

Lady du Carphage sends Sonya away to work as a secretary to her friend, Mr Allonby where she loses touch with Olly for four years.

They meet up again by chance while Olly is working for the Allonbys and their lives begin to intertwine in a way they never imagined...

For the Love of Sonya Lorent is a clean, ya romance that can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike.

About the Author:

Laura Walker grew up in the Derbyshire Dales and she now lives with her husband in Staffordshire. She has been writing since childhood and specialises in regency romance and mystery novels.

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Format : ebook

Page Count : 172