Second Life

Joyce Rachelle

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Second Life is a collection of poems about the different shades and spectrums of life, love and loss. It approaches sentiment and dances with humor. It gives hope, yet does not lie when there is none and comes back with laughter for comfort. Lovers of rhyme as well as free verse will delight in this little book which, on account of how the poems are arranged, can be read from start to finish like one would a story, or discovered separately and in different places, like one would a friend.

About the Author:

Joyce was born and raised in the Philippines. She started as a nurse educator before going into full-time hospital work and had a go at administrative jobs for a while. She currently lives in the south of England and is devoting more time to writing. When she isn’t deleting awful first drafts, she’s helping out at her local bookshop and raiding the biscuits in the pantry.


Free Verse

It may already be clear in

my work, but for the record, 

I never really liked 

free verse.

That stuff for me didn't feel like poetry. It was like writing a normal sentence, say, something you would find in an essay or a novel or a newspaper and then hit


in random places

to single out 


and phrases

so intellectuals who read your work and give you feedback can say something like




and all those other words that don't really mean a thing anymore, as millions of other works have been 




I like it when there's rhyme and rhythm

Shakespeare's sonnets have that in them.

Meter, measure, otherwise

no good verse is worth the price.

Then one day I read a poem,

one as free as verse can be

and it spoke to my heart like 

no other I've read and I

didn't even notice what it lacked until 

I wiped the tears from my eyes.

This is poetry, I said, oh but where is the rhyme? Alas, I have turned into one of those who find sense 

in hitting


for no grammatical

or syntactical

or rational


What is poetry then, if not rhyme?

Who cares for labels, I don't have time

But whoever it was that set it free

has made a happy fool of me. 

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 81