All the Lines

Joyce Rachelle

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This volume contains thirty-eight poems on life and love, friendship and betrayal, chasing dreams, and the struggle to rise above pain. Each work engages the reader with new perspectives, comical irony, and a consistent thread of honesty so that they ring true for anyone who has a taste for verse.

About the Author:

Joyce was born and raised in the Philippines. She started as a nurse educator before going into full-time hospital work and had a go at administrative jobs for a while. She currently lives in the south of England and is devoting more time to writing. When she isn’t deleting awful first drafts, she’s helping out at her local bookshop and raiding the biscuits in the pantry.


All the Lines

Oh to bask in the sun and escape this roof

To inhale the fragrance of earth

To be rid of these walls that confine my thoughts

To find peace like it was at my birth

Oh the things I would give for a day of rest

From the constant struggles of youth

To remember the reason I live and breathe

And to pause for a moment of truth

In the morning I wake and a year has passed

Has it really taken this long?

In the blink of an eye all the time has gone

And I've missed all the lines of the song.

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 69