Family: Life

Carmen Capuano

science fiction, thrillers, jungle, contemporary books


One pair of primate conservationists desperate for a child. One perfect solution.

Primatologists Vlas and Barbara Lingorsky are fully aware of the importance of their work as research scientists in the Rwandan jungle. And of the danger it puts them in.

When poachers kill an infant gorilla, Barbara is forced into consideration of her biological clock and the memory of the loss of her own child. With Barbara now unable to bear a child naturally, events seem to take on a momentum of their own. It’s not too long before her longing for a family overflows into her everyday life, and the perfect solution presents itself…

If you enjoyed Planet of The Apes by Pierre Boulle or The Owners by Carmen Capuano then you’ll love Family: Life

About the Author:

Carmen Capuano was born into poverty in Glasgow, Scotland, and moved to England at the age of eighteen. A huge advocate for animal welfare her entire life, she’s striven to help as many rescued animals as she can, and can often be seen wandering around collecting injured pigeons, hedgehogs or any other injured animal that needs to be taken to her home and cared for.

Her profits are being used to help global animal rescue and child welfare charities.

“It’s not about the money – it’s about the good I can do with it to help animals and children.”

To date, she has written 29 books and around 100 scripts…

“My early, impoverished life engendered in me a drive to succeed and an unwillingness to sit in the corner and be overlooked.”

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Format : ebook

Page Count : 345