A Lifetime Fight- Living with Cerebral Palsy

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In A Lifetime Fight- Living with Cerebral Palsy author Amanda Forry/Fino invites readers to follow her journey towards healing and hope. After suffering a disabling accident and enduring a lifetime of abuse. Amanda is forced to rely on her own strength and courage to confront the traumas of her past and to find a path forward. With remarkable insight, Amanda captures the complexities and nuances of a woman's experience of disability, heartache, and family. Through her life story, Amanda shines a light on the power of resilience and the importance of making informed decisions in the present. Readers will be moved by her struggle to move forward and will be inspired by her courage and strength. 

About the Author:

"Writing comes within my soul while the words flow out of me." 

 In the past, Amanda Forry/Fino has been known as an author of romance novels, who has written six books under the pen name Sasha Fino. However, after becoming a Christian, she had to take these books down in order to live according to the new values she now holds dear. Since becoming a Christian Amanda has written The Path To The Church And Disabled Adults as well as rewritten her autobiography in order to reflect her journey to faith and the values. Amanda is a part of the DC Author's Dinner Group that's included some of the most significant bestselling authors of our time.

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I had a unique desk at school that made doing my schoolwork easier. I had difficulty learning to read, understand money, tell time, and learn math, but science was never a problem. Art and history were my favorite subjects. I also remember spending a happy time in Mrs. Hanson's classroom. It was my favorite aid at the time - I can't remember her name - who gave me a book about a man with a disability who found true love in awe and was captivated by that book.