Master Mindful-Your competition is with yourself!

Shirena Aktar

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Master Mindful is a wonderful teacher who brings out the best in everyone. Learning in his classroom we find Muezza, Sandy, Adam, Luke and Laura who are explorers, exploring their full potential. Everyday through situation, tasks or play a challenge is set out. Today, the mission is to find out who is the best. So, lets find out!

About the Author:

Shirena Aktar

Born and brought up in England, United Kingdom. Shirena is self-employed and works freelance as a counselling tutor. Shirena also helps out in a women’s wellbeing group to fight loneliness and depression.

Shirena believes counselling is helping people help themselves. Problems and situations cannot always be changed but the way we view it and react to it, most certainly can.

Shirena Aktar is a married woman and a mother of four young children. Whilst reading books and making up stories at bedtime for her children, Shirena aspired of writing powerful stories which encourages good behaviour and lifts self-confidence.

Shirena Aktar is a new author who has written a series of children’s fiction books of which the first one has now been published for you and your children to enjoy and benefit from.



Your competition is with yourself sends a message to children ‘you can only be better than what you were before so you compete with your past self and be the best that you can be today’.

Winning games and races is all fun and fulfilling. But not losing heart if you lose is also winning. Be happy for others and understand that we all are different and unique. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and nobody is perfect. We are all on different journeys in life.

This book is the first book from a series. Through my books I aim to teach children self-love and appreciation, build empathy, control negative emotions and enforce positive thoughts and feelings.

I began writing these books when I saw my children have learned how to read and now, they can gain an understanding of what they are reading. So, I wrote them something to read that will be beneficial for them.

Master Mindful books not only give strength to children but also, they are a great reminder for adults who are reading them including myself.

I hope you enjoy my book.

Thank you

Shirena Aktar

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