The Secret of Closings

Laura Walker

historical romance, small town romances, crime mystery, historical fiction, gothic romance


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'Never having been kissed in that way before, it was not how Scarlett had expected it to feel. His lips were warm and juicy and they were impossible to move away from.' 

1802: When a fire breaks out at Closings Castle with tragic consequences, the estate is closed, and the village of Parsons Running falls into poverty and disrepair. But what really happened at Closings Castle before the fire?

1832: The story follows the coming of age of Scarlett Henson and her arranged marriage to the cold and proud, rich heir to Closings Castle, Frank Lattimer, whom Scarlett takes a dislike to from the start. But is he all he seems beneath his cold exterior?

At the heart of the castle lies an ancient, unsolved mystery that has intrigued people for many years. What Scarlett doesn’t realise is how important the unearthing of the mystery will be for her future happiness and prospects. 

The Secret of Closings is a historical romance/mystery. Family is at the route of the story and justice in matters of the heart.

About the Author:

I'm a self-published author and I specialise in historical romance and mystery fiction. I grew up in the Derbyshire Dales (England), I now live in Staffordshire with my husband and cat (Tiffany)



 Parsons Running, April 1802


The fire ravaged the ballroom. The castle was going up in flames and not a thing could be done to stop it. All the servants could do was stand and stare in stunned silence as the yellow glare of the escalating flames lit up their faces. The flames continued raging until the fire was contained, leaving the entire western wing engulfed with the smoke billowing out. The ballroom remained a saturated, ebony shell with woodwork all brittle and flaked. Family secrets and memories were buried along with it. A heritage was destroyed forever. 

Bodies were taken out on stretchers. Footsteps of a forlorn lady echoed throughout the hall. Her loud sobs reverberated down the stairs. A figure dressed in black sat on the floor, her body rocking from side to side as she cradled her face in her hands. 

Silence, eerie silence followed as the desolation set in. 

Then the blackness came along with the thick, dense fog of nightfall and the castle loomed Gothic in its stillness.

As the years passed, the estate became rough and overgrown, returning to a chaotic, natural state. The wind gently swayed the tall grasses in abandoned gardens. Wild bushes made a claim on every vestige of land left over to them. Parsons Running, once a pleasant, quiet village, home to friendly people, was now a mere distant memory of better times. 

The mist hung over them too.

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