Solita: a Gothic Romance

Vivien Rainn

slow burn, villain romantic love interest, horror, gothic romance, dark fantasy, hot demons


“They say every house has its ghosts; but the Hacienda has only one.”

Sadie is her name, and she is passing through the motions of a life soaked through with the stench of death. Grief-ridden nightmares plague her every sleepless night, only to continue into the day when she awakens to the burden of running her family’s centuries-old estate:

The Hacienda Espinosa, a yawning, black-wooded beast of a mansion that offers Sadie nothing but a perpetual reminder of what once was, what can never be again. She is alone, save for the sound of her own lonely, broken heartbeat—that is until the day she hears another.

And it’s coming from beneath the floorboards.

Unearthing what was left to rot beneath the house, Sadie realizes her fatal mistake; the dark secret was never buried to be forgotten. It was buried to be sealed away.

It’s no mortal, no man, but the Hacienda’s first owner—a demon.

And he’s nothing like she expects.

It’s only through facing the past and her buried fears can Sadie find salvation as she upturns the Hacienda’s twisted roots, roots born from the faith and fire of the conquistas, the Spaniards who came from distant shores, bringing with them not only their God, but also their demons.

About the Author:

Writing the stories about those who were never represented in the gothic literature she consumed as a child is Vivien’s life’s goal—for to pick up a book and see someone like yourself be the hero of their own story is all it takes for others to know that they can be the masters of their own fate, too.

When Vivien isn't writing, she's sewing historical costumes, daydreaming, or tending to her jungle of indoor plants.

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Format : ebook

Page Count : 288