Dragon (If You Couldn't Tell)

Brynne Nelson

dragons, middle grade novel, fantasy


“I never meant to run away from home. I swear. I intended to stay in my cave, eat rocks, and wait around, bored, to finish growing up. 

“Then this mysterious human, Dibbins, popped up in my cave with an intriguing offer. I just couldn’t refuse, you know?

“The world away from home was exciting! Soon we were facing down evil dwarves and taking in the world’s smartest rabbit. Oh, and lifting curses and meeting with a king, a queen, and a whole encampment of soldiers.

“What can I say? Mine’s a pretty amazing story.”

-Izznae the dragoness

About the Author:

My name is Brynne, and I'm a longtime author in a variety of genres. While I personally prefer to write (and read!) fantasy (in most flavors,) I also enjoy fiction, speculative fiction, historical fiction... you get the idea! I am particularly fond of fairy tale retellings. Books are wonderful, and reading is magical. I hope I can bring some magic to you!

I really enjoy putting together prompt collections/journals for other authors. I have about 20 (at the moment) available on Amazon. So, if you're a writer looking for ideas, please take a look!


"There's nothing quite like saving the world to make one truly awesome. I should know, I did it. And while I've always been amazing in pretty much every day, it certainly didn't hurt my reputation.I know I sound bratty, but I just don't know what else to tell you. It's the truth. I'm incredible.

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 238