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What do readers say about The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disap...?

wry and witty faux-naive prose style real feel-good fiction whimsical, humorous swedish import

A larger-than-life old man with a fondness for vodka goes on an unexpected adventure in this whimsical novel - perfect for fans of Forrest Gump and A Man Called Ove.

The international publishing sensation - more than six million copies sold worldwide... More details on The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disap...

Allan Karlsson hesitated as he stood there in the flower bed that ran along one side of the Old Folks’ Home. He was wearing a brown jacket with brown trousers and on his feet he had a pair of brown in...
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Nominated as one of America's best-loved novels by PBS's The Great American Read.

Now a Hulu limited series starring Christopher Abbott, George Clooney, Kyle Chandler, and Hugh Laurie.

Fifty years after its original publication, Catch-22 remains a co... More details on Catch-22

Yossarian was in the hospital with a pain in his liver that fell just short of being jaundice. The doctors were puzzled by the fact that it wasn’t quite jaundice. If it became jaundice they could trea...
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From the author of the Man Booker longlisted The Underground Railroad

A pandemic has devastated the planet, sorting humanity into two types: the uninfected and the infected, the living and the living dead. The worst of the plague is now past, and Man... More details on Zone One

He always wanted to live in New York. His Uncle Lloyd lived downtown on Lafayette, and in the long stretches between visits he daydreamed about living in his apartment. When his mother and father drag...
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"A witty and unexpected take on the zombie genre; I had a great time."

-Charlaine Harris, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels

Subtitled "A Zombie Memoir," Brains looks at America's favorite walking-dead flesh-eat... More details on Brains

The imperative seemed to come from outside of my body; it rang in my head like the voice of a god I had no choice but to obey. Brains: I heard it clearly, simply, plainly. Brains! And I immediately se...
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Hugo Whittier-failed poet and former kept man-is a wily misanthrope with a taste for whiskey, women, and his own cooking. Afflicted with a rare disease that will be fatal unless he quits smoking, Hugo retreats to his once aristocratic family's dilapi... More details on The Epicure's Lament

October 9, 2001—All the lonely people indeed. Whoever they are, I've never been one of them. The lack of other people is a balm. It's the absence of strain and stress. I understand monks and hermits, ...
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Now with a new chapter that focuses on what great bosses really do. Dr. Sutton reveals new insights that he's learned since the writing of Good Boss, Bad Boss. Sutton adds revelatory thoughts about such legendary bosses as Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs, A.G... More details on Good Boss, Bad Boss

Bosses matter. Bosses matter because most employees have bosses, are bosses, or play both roles. There are at least 21 million bosses in the United States, with estimates running as high as 38 million...
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In this novel in Jim Butcher's #1 New York Times bestselling series, an old debt puts Chicago wizard Harry Dresden in harms way…

Harry's life finally seems to be calming down. The White Council's war with the vampiric Red Court is easing up, no one's... More details on Small Favor

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An "engrossing, hilarious, and tender" chronicle of a wildly flawed family that comes together - in rehab, of all places - even as each member is on the verge of falling apart (Gretchen Rubin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Pro... More details on There's a Word for That

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Make Me a Woman offers charming vignettes about being young, Jewish, and single

It's easy to understand why Vanessa Davis has taken the comics industry by storm and is poised to do the same with the world at large-her comics are pure chutzpah, gorge... More details on Make Me a Woman

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The new Death in Paradise mystery

Two dead bodies. A family of suspects. One grumpy detective.

Reluctantly stationed on the sweltering Caribbean island of Saint-Marie, Detective Inspector Richard Poole dreams of cold winds, drizzly rain and a pint ... More details on Death Knocks Twice

This wasn’t in fact all that unusual. Not to say that he was always in a bad mood, far from it. Sometimes, he simmered without quite boiling over. And at other times he felt too worn down by the whole...
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