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A New York Times bestseller!

"Witty, endearing and greatly entertaining." -Wall Street Journal

"Don't trust anyone, including the four septuagenarian sleuths in Osman's own laugh-out-loud whodunit." -Parade

Four septuagenarians with a few tricks up... More details on The Thursday Murder Club

I knew who she was, of course; everybody here knows Elizabeth. She has one of the three-bed flats in Larkin Court. It’s the one on the corner, with the decking? Also, I was once on a quiz team with St...
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What do readers say about The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid?

humorous and sarcastic amusing & nostalgic childish viewpoint and humor painting pictures with words

From one of the world's most beloved writers and New York Times bestselling author of A Walk in the Woods and The Body, a vivid, nostalgic, and utterly hilarious memoir of growing up in the 1950s.

Bill Bryson was born in the middle of the American ce... More details on The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid

IN THE LATE 1950S, the Royal Canadian Air Force produced a booklet on isometrics, a form of exercise that enjoyed a short but devoted vogue with my father. The idea of isometrics was that you used any...
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The fourth Jackson Brodie novel: literary crime from the prizewinning number-one bestselling author of Big Sky and Transcription.

'Crime has given Atkinson the freedom to write an ambitious, panoramic work, full of excitement, colour and compassion' ... More details on Started Early, Took My Dog

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An Amazon Best of the Year Selection

"When it comes to combining offbeat humor and mayhem, it is tough to beat Laurenston."

-RT Book Reviews

She's the woman he's been hired to kidnap. But ZeZé Vargas has other ideas . . . like getting them both out... More details on Badger to the Bone

Max MacKilligan didn’t see it coming. For once. But how could she when she’d been so focused on the white kid nap van and her ice cream cone? It wasn’t until her psychotic cousin grabbed her from behi...
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What do readers say about The Phantom Tollbooth?

pen and ink clever use of words creative and witty a magical tollbooth

Milo's exciting adventure in lands of edible words and mysterious creatures-Dictionopolis, the Mountains of Ignorance, the Kingdom of Wisdom, and more! "Lucid, humorous, full of warmth."-New Yorker... More details on The Phantom Tollbooth

Following the instructions, which told him to cut here, lift there, and fold back all around, he soon had the tollbooth unpacked and set up on its stand. He fitted the windows in place and attached th...
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Named a Best Book of Summer by People Magazine * USA Today * New York Magazine * New York Times Book Review * New York Post * PopSugar * Entertainment Tonight

"Hugely entertaining." -Time

Hilarious and poignant, How Hard Can It Be? is for women of al... More details on How Hard Can It Be?

Monday, 1.37 am: Such a weird dream. Emily is crying, she’s really upset. Something about a belfry. A boy wants to come round to our house because of her belfry. She keeps saying she’s sorry, it was a...
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It's an ordinary Thursday morning for Arthur Dent . . . until his house gets demolished. The Earth follows shortly after to make way for a new hyperspace express route, and Arthur's best friend has just announced that he's an alien.

After that, thing... More details on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

At eight o’clock on Thursday morning Arthur didn’t feel very good. He woke up blearily, got up, wandered blearily round his room, opened a window, saw a bulldozer, found his slippers, and stomped off ...
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Soon to be a streaming series!

In this #1 New York Times bestseller, Neil Gaiman returns to the territory of his masterpiece, American Gods (now a hit Starz® Original Series), to once again probe the dark recesses of the soul.

God is dead. Meet the... More details on Anansi Boys

In the beginning, after all, were the words, and they came with a tune. That was how the world was made, how the void was divided, how the lands and the stars and the dreams and the little gods and th...
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A "wildly entertaining homage to the best '60s Heinlein juveniles," from a multiple Nebula finalist ( Publishers Weekly ).

Jak Jinnaka's teenage life in the thirty-sixth century has been nothing but fun-ignoring school, partying outrageously with h... More details on The Duke of Uranium

TEACHER FWIDYA SAID you couldn’t not dak the idea, because it was so central to the way everyone thought about the world, so naturally Jak Jinnaka tried not to even understand the idea. Jak was that w...
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"Hilarious, always inventive, this is a book for all, especially uptight English teachers, bardolaters, and ministerial students."

-Dallas Morning News

Fool-the bawdy and outrageous New York Times bestseller from the unstoppable Christopher Moore-i... More details on Fool

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