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The stunning Booker Prize-winning novel from the author of Amnesty and Selection Day that critics have likened to Richard Wright's Native Son, The White Tiger follows a darkly comic Bangalore driver through the poverty and ... View details

My ex-employer the late Mr. Ashok’s ex-wife, Pinky Madam, taught me one of these things; and at 11:32 p.m. today, which was about ten minutes ago, when the lady on All India Radio announced, “Premier ...
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#1 New York Times Bestseller

"Funny and smart as hell" (Bill Gates), Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half showcases her unique voice, leaping wit, and her ability to capture complex emotions with deceptively simple illustrations.


... View details

To reiterate, no matter how much pepper you eat, it won’t undo the ludicrous amount of salt you ate before it. The only thing you are accomplishing by eating pepper is making your mouth taste like pep...
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A former Wall Street quant sounds the alarm on Big Data and the mathematical models that threaten to rip apart our social fabric-with a new afterword

"A manual for the twenty-first-century citizen . . . relevant and urgent... View details

It was a hot August afternoon in 1946. Lou Boudreau, the player-manager of the Cleveland Indians, was having a miserable day. In the first game of a doubleheader, Ted Williams had almost single-handed...
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After writing a successful memoir, Donald Miller's life stalled. During what should have been the height of his success, he found himself unwilling to get out of bed, avoiding responsibility, even questioning the meaning of life. But when two movie p... View details

After trying to make a list of the things I remembered, I realized my life, for the most part, had been a series of random experiences. When I was in high school, for example, the homecoming queen ask...
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"Bold, innovative, and thrilling - The Twenty-Year Death crackles with suspense and will keep you up late." - Stephen King



A breathtaking first novel written in the form of three separate crim... View details

The rain started with no warning. It had been dark for an hour by then, and the night had masked the accumulation of clouds. But once it began, the raindrops fell with such violence that everyone in V...
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A hopeful and inspiring "act of comedic magic" from comedian-and now memoirist!-Moshe Kasher (Artie Lange, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Too Fat to Fish).

Rising young comedian Moshe Kasher is lucky to be alive. He started using drugs when ... View details

My shriek flew up to her ears and, finding two broken, swollen drums, ricocheted back and meandered around the hospital room looking for somewhere to roost before it impotently spilled onto the hospit...
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She might be a red-haired beauty, but Charlotte Butterworth is a spinster by choice. She has nothing to do with men, until some ride into her yard and try to hang a man from her tree, the only tree in Two Trees, Texas.

After she puts a stop to it, th... View details

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A Splendid Opportunity

A shipload of women-theirs for the taking! Pirate captain Gideon Horn couldn't be more delighted. His men are tired of wandering the high seas and want to settle down with wives on the uncharted island paradise they've discove... View details

Miss Sara Willis had known a great many awkward moments in her twenty-three years. There was the time as a seven-year-old when her mother had caught her filching biscuits from the grand kitchen at Bla...
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MOST LOVED. MOST RED. Ten must-read modern classics.'He learned silence and did not insist upon his love.'This is the great forgotten novel of the last century - a quiet book; the story of a quiet life. William Stoner is a man who learns to contain h... View details

WILLIAM STONER ENTERED the University of Missouri as a freshman in the year 1910, at the age of nineteen. Eight years later, during the height of World War I, he received his Doctor of Philosophy degr...
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From one of the most beloved authors of our time-more than six million copies of his books have been sold in this country alone-a fascinating excursion into the history behind the place we call home.

"Houses aren't refuges from history. They are whe... View details

In the autumn of 1850, in Hyde Park in London, there arose a most extraordinary structure: a giant iron-and-glass greenhouse covering nineteen acres of ground and containing within its airy vastness e...
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