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The thirteenth novel in the Discworld series from New York Times bestselling author Terry Pratchett.

Lost in the chill deeps of space between the galaxies, it sails on forever, a flat, circular world carried on the back of a giant turtle- Discworld ... View details

The tortoise is a ground-living creature. It is impossible to live nearer the ground without being under it. Its horizons are a few inches away. It has about as good a turn of speed as you need to hun...
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Beginning with a chance encounter with the beautiful Eliza June Watermark and ending, four days and 900 pages later, with the Events of November 17, this is the story of Gurion Maccabee, age ten: a lover, a fighter, a scholar, and a truly spectacular... View details

like he would be. He was softer and he smelled like oatmeal and a room of old books. He smelled like my dad’s overcoat smelled, except without the cigarette part of the smell, and it made me sad becau...
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Readers also searched for:
humor fun books satire